MRS. DAD vs KÖRV is a collaboration between Swedish developers Redgrim (award-winning indie game studio from Karlshamn, most recently having worked on ‘Spin The Bottle: Bumpie’s Party‘), Grapefrukt(Martin Jonasson, the wizard behind the the one button dungeon crawler ‘Glorg’ and ‘Jesus Vs. Dinosaurs’) and Snorkel (Niklas Ström who can make anything sound like anything).

In this two-game pack exclusively available on OUYA in time for the in-stores release, MRS. DAD vs KÖRV  offers two brand new local multiplayer old school arcade games. Easy to learn, hard to master, all fun. To get you in the mood, I’m presenting to you this teaser video, for fun and for learning. :)

“Suck dots, become bigger, eat the smaller players. Oh, what is that? A huge lazer! Intense!” – MRS.DAD

“Riding long in the hot bun or beefing up at the drive-in? Either way, this is the game for you. You are a hamburger or a hotdog. You want to win. There’s eggs. You want them. Colaborate with your team sausage/team burger to score as many eggs as possible. Stop the opposing team! Wow. This is like a dream.” – KÖRV

A strange, lucid, dream indeed.



D.B.F. (Developer’s Best Friend)

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Dev. BFF

  • neeb

    t-when do i get a shipping email? its been 7 months since i paid for mine. its been weeks since i submitted a ticket politely asking if my payment was misprocessed or some kind of error, or if it was just delayed this long. no response. i have submitted comments, and they do not get approved by the moderator. but the moderator clearly reads new comments, because comments are posted past the time i posted. if you’re not going to respond to emails, and censor legitimate complaints (which admittedly is better by private correspondence, but that also goes unanswered). where the heck is my shipping info? i gave ouya 150 bucks and all i got was a series of deleted comments by a moderator

    • Tim

      Neeb, I understand your frustration of not yet having your OUYA. You should always feel free to ping us @OUYASupport, too — that said, I’ll forward your note and email to our CS team and they’ll get back to you ASAP (likely on Monday) with an update. Thanks for supporting us — we do our best to answer / respond to comments on the blog but it’s been crazy hectic over the past 2 weeks so we haven’t been as responsive as we’d like to be. That will begin to change this week as we continue to bring on additional people to help on our customer service team! Thanks again.

    • Edgardo Del Valle

      Buddy sorry for you , got the same problem like you (check my post on the blog “”Shipping at hardware section”” so tired of waiting request a refund and purchase one (the same special ed.) at E-Bay already for less pay $103.61 new in box and already on my way. I’m telling the true just check on E-bay a lot OYAS for sale is strange selling on E-bay and the backer’s don’t received theirs, not fair for anyone who believed on the project OUYA when came out at kickstarter.

  • adam

    Gee I wish I could play this. Too bad boxer8 hasn’t shipped our ouyas yet. How many support tickets do we have to fill before we get any info

    • Tim

      Adam, I’ve forwarded your info to our CS team — they will get back to you directly ASAP (likely tomorrow since today is Sunday). Thanks for your support!

  • Mark

    I can understand the concerns of the early backers(of which i am not). I preordered back in november and have not recieved ant type of information about my order. The customers are rightfully upset about this issue. The whole problem is the complete lack of response from the company., I am not asking for anything to be given to me as some for of recompense due to the lack of information., I simply want some type of notice on my order and i am sure the others agree with me, We just want to know what is going on. I also did send in a request for a status.

    • Tim

      Mark, thanks for your note. I’ve sent your info to our CS team and they’ll respond no later than Tuesday with an update on your order. We’re cranking around the clock to add resources to keep up with the volume of requests, tickets, etc. and I’m sorry to hear about the frustrations it has caused while we ramp our team. Thanks for your patience and for supporting us — we’ll get better every day and appreciate your note. Feel free to hit me back directly at anytime on Twitter @tdarosa.

      • Bleh

        Actually, you could have learned about the frustation weeks ago by reading the “comments” tab on your kickstarter page…

        And someone from the team could have told the truth about shipping (I’m sure the 100% message was a lie) and keep in touch with your backer.

  • My Required Name

    With the launch date 2 days away, and given the complete lack of personal response to my own inquiries about my pre-order that was promised for month of April, I can only assume you lost my order or otherwise have no intention of honoring it. I’ll be contesting the charge with my credit card company.

    • Noklish

      I’m sure they intend to honour your order. In all likeliness they’re just a bit slow to ship. However, I do agree that their lack of response and support is aggravating and needs to be addressed rather than them simply acting as though nothing is wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered one right before the early pre-order deadline, and haven’t gotten a shipping email, and emails to customer support haven’t gotten a response. Since the launch is in 2 days, I thought I would just cancel my pre-order and just go buy one at Best Buy on launch day, but the email I sent Thursday hasn’t gotten a reply, and I would really like to get it canceled and my money back before it ships.

    • Tim

      Thanks for your note. We sent you an email response with one simple step to confirm your refund. Once you give us the go-ahead to cancel, we’ll make it happen. Quickly. Sorry for any hassles and look forward to hearing how you dig your OUYA once you get your hands on it!

  • MiSchie

    Please replytell to myme Ticket. #40251 AW: Pre-Order Notification.

    • Tim

      MiSchie, your email address and note have been sent to our CS team — expect a personal response by Tuesday at the latest.

      Thanks for your support!

  • MiSchie

    Please reply to my ticket. #40251 AW: Pre-Order Notification.

    • Tim

      We’re already on this, MiSchie — expect a note from our CS lead by Tuesday with an update on your order. Thanks for supporting us!

    • MiSchie

      Sorry for the double post. I know you have a lot to do.

  • John Planinic

    I have also sent a couple emails asking on the status of my order because I also have not received any kind of communication for my order or an answer to my emails. Please help!

  • Fabrizio Cotone

    i have the same problem i preordered The ouya 2 month ago and i am still waiting i opened 4 ticket but no one never answer… i thinking for a refound…

  • miguel

    hello please answer to my ticket 42844 when will I recive my ouya my order was placed on February 10 2013 and no response from this team ouya I want to know how much time I need to wait

  • Krypii

    Welcome to the OUYA family!

    This confirms that we have received your Pre-Order successfully. Your order will be shipped to the address provided in April, 2013.
    Hey I got an email dated November 2012

    Pre-Order Notification.

    We will keep you posted on the details of your order, but feel free to stop by the website anytime. We will be updating it with launch news, inside-peeks at some of the great free games under development, and much more.

    Please do not reply, as this is an automated email.

    Order Number:…
    Reference Id:…

    How do I find out when my order be processed? At what email address I have to send this information to find out.

  • AnonyM0US3

    As with many, I made the mistake, it seems, of backing the Kickstarter for a Limited Edition and Etched OUYA with a second controller [something that appears NOT to be part of the order sent according to the “Your OUYA is on the move” email with a tracking number that didn’t work with DHL proper) when I could have not only purchased at retail at least one day before, but saved a ton of money doing so! DHL Tracking says it got to the distribution centre on the 19th – and still nothing on its way to me in the UK, not even if it’s arrived at customs, yet I asked at my local GAME and they claim to already have delivery!

    This is above and beyond lying about having shipped out all of the units from Hong Kong in May (they hadn’t), while offering at best weak excuses. I’m tired of waiting for a reply on my ticket (though I suspect even *IF* my ticket were to be escalated, NOTHING would happen – the lies and misdirection are enough to make me suspect that the team aren’t fraudulent as others have suggested – merely incompetent and unprofessional). I’m tired of wondering when the device I paid $245 for will even be seen by customs, and I’m beyond pissed that I can pick up an OUYA at the store TOMORROW – albeit not a Limited Edition one – before mine can even hope to arrive.

    This is how you treat your backers? They’re the ones you have no responsibility to because you already have their money? Shame on you.

  • Paul

    Please respond to my ticket #38717 – I have had no reply since I logged the ticket with regards to delivery…… I better off requesting a refund and thinking twice about purchasing an OUYA – what a shameful start to a promising product!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    Hi Tim..
    Sorry you are getting the end of the stick, but we truly have not gotten any responses from support, I don’t believe anyone will get any response anytime soon let alone Tuesday.
    My ticket Request #39248 was send on June 17 exactly on week ago and NO RESPONSE(aside from the Auto response message). In other words even after pre-ordering on January 7,2013 Other people will be able to get their hands on the system via retail store while I still wait for it on the mail if it ever comes!.. This is just Wrong don’t you think?

  • Jason McMillen

    I’m no longer afraid to make a gameplay video for my game. :) Thanks!

  • John

    Hi, can someone please give me some information on when my Ouya will be sent ?? Submitted requests 23 days ago and not one reply ??? Shocking service. Is there a way to cancel and get my money back ? be easier going to a local store, but with the lack on information etc coming from Ouya I am seriously considering not bothering at all ??

  • Adri

    I’m in the same situation. No response whatsoever from support, tracking work, seems the package sent was not what I ordered… If I could go back in time I would definitely NOT have supported it. If I wanted I could have bought it from ebay/retail and got it faster. These people don’t know how to manage preorders/shipments, how can I trust them with my money? when I get my OUYA it goes straigth to ebay. I won’t even open it.

  • Andrew

    I have a similar problem, though different at the same time, to many of the other comments here and elsewhere.

    First, I have received my ouya.

    Second, I have not received all of it.

    I opted in for the $99 option, but included the additional funds in order for it to be shipped outside the U.S and come with a second controller. All told, I gave $150.

    I do not have that second controller.

    I have sent two emails to support, and have received no response to date.

    The first was ten days ago (regarding the contents, as “1 x Gift-Ouya Gaming System U” doesn’t say much); the second was today upon unboxing my console, and finding no controller.

    The first ticket: ticket #37417

    The second ticket: ticket #44490

    As stated in my latest email, unless, there is a serious conversion error present when a pledge occurs via Kickstarter, I should have met the requirements necessary to receive it.

    Where is my second controller? What is going on?

  • zakk

    Please get back to me. I pre ordered before Feb 4 and have heard not one thing from Ouya team. At this point I could just go to the store tomorrow and buy the stupid thing if I had a refund. Why would a pre order or backer get their unit AFTER public release. This is unacceptable.

  • adam

    will Ouya bring cloud gaming offline ? like Onlive is all on servers, well they make a Onlive for offline people ? i mean Ouya should have had AAA tiles on there console anyway after funding 15,000,000. but its whatever as long as we get r games but i do go places a lot and i don’t wanna sit and only play indie tiles i would like to play some borderlands even when I’m offline so please make a note to Ouya that we want console gaming to! but also we want it offline, i don’t mind believing in Ouya but give me something to believe in!

    • Leonard Herndon

      The Ouya couldn’t handle Borderlands. So if you want “AAA” Titles to play offline go get a Super Console. I am sure once the public get their hands on the Ouya, more fantastic games will eventually be released. But you can not honestly expect the World from a $99 console.