Noah Graff, from Octograb Studio and the developer of the OUYA game, Astronaut Rescue, is one of those awesome people that remind me that amongst all of the game development woes we hear about – financial pressure, creative blocks, team strife – it’s possible that game making can just be a ton of fun. And yes, it can be just that simple.

And we at OUYA especially <3 Noah because he’s one of the many excellent developers we already have making games for you to play who you maybe wouldn’t have known about before. OUYA turns your TV into a whole universe of gaming possibilities, because the it truly allows anyone in the universe to deliver a game to you. Professional or hobbyist, experimental or mainstream, adult or kid.

….Oh, did I not mention already that Noah Graff is 8?

Man, and I was thinking of just another round of Arrested Development Season 4 for this weekend…. but you’ve inspired me, Noah! Or just made me feel way lazier than you.

D.B.F. (Developer’s Best Friend)


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Dev. BFF

  • CadmiumRED

    Ignore rightfully mad customers why don’t you OUYA? You’re doing a pretty awesome job at it so far.

    • Concordion2k

      At least show some excitement for kids getting in to programming. That’s a big deal.

  • Richard

    That’s neat! What language or software did he use to make this game? I’m very curious to learn!

    • Alex

      Richard , most likely he was using Unity3d to make his game, Its quite easy to use and gives you enough tools to help you get your ideas started. http://unity3d.com/

  • Blake

    An 8 year old made that!? I’m 20 and I can’t even program tic-tac-toe! (really suck at math).

    Looks cool.

    • Solid shadow games

      You don’t need to know math to program tic-tac-toe

  • vgtre

    This is really kinda touching!
    Keep on the work Noah!
    I’m sure we will here from ya in the future game development business!

  • Noctou

    That is awesome. I have to make a game on my OUYA now looks like fun. :-)

  • i feel you CadmiumRED. The customer support dont give one care about their customers, they just copy paste answers… And only time they reply is when you call them out public, i guess they wanna save face for retail launch.

    Just express send me the thing already, and make good on your customer.

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Hey there — I’ve sent your email and note to our CS team who will follow up ASAP (early this week) with an update on your order. Again, thanks for your patience as we work to get all of our backers and pre-order customers their OUYA order ASAP. We’re doing our best and we apologize for the frustration you’re experiencing — seriously, we SINCERELY wish the shipping process went smoother for everyone and, though we’re getting better by the day, I know this doesn’t solve your issue. Thanks again for being patient and we hope you love your OUYA when it arrives shortly.

  • Dave


    “…So, uh, this game is a mild reskinning of Galactic Mail, a game from the textbook The Game Maker’s Apprentice. Chapter 3, to be specific.

    I, too, could plagiarize things when I was 8.”

  • Markus

    I just finished my bachelor in Games and Experience technology and now I feel very much inadequate being 27 and spending 3 years learning how to make a game… At least I have 40 000$ in student loans. That’s something…

  • lohocla

    Looks Sweeeet! props young blood..

  • David

    To Noah,

    It looks like you made a cool game. The backgrounds look like images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Here’s an idea for version 2: Ask NASA to provide real images for backgrounds and educational desciptions that can be unlocked once beating the stage!

    Good luck on your next game! I’m sure OUYA will be watching!

  • My Required Name

    Nice to know the 8 year old got his Ouya. Where’s mine?

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Please DM us on Twitter @OUYASupport (be sure to do so from your email that you used when placing your OUYA order) and the CS team will respond to your request ASAP. Thanks for your support!

      • My Required Name

        Twitter? Contact you on Twiiter? What kind of nonsense is that? I don’t even USE Twitter! I’ll just contest the charges with my credit card company. That will settle that.

  • Debbie

    I have been trying to contact you by phone…no answer….by email…no response….by twitter…no twit back…..what do I need to do to talk to someone????? I am beginning to think this is a scam and I lost my money!!!!!

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Debbie – thanks for your note. I’ve sent your email and note to our CS team and they will follow-up directly ASAP (likely on Mon or Tues at the latest). Feel free to hit us up @OUYASupport anytime and apologies for your frustrations — thanks for your support of OUYA and know that we continue to work around the clock to ensure backers and pre-order customers receive their packages as soon as humanly possible. Thanks again and look for a follow-up from our CS team very shortly.

  • Mike

    This looks really great!

  • Alexander Green

    It’s really great that this kid is getting into developing games, but this is one of the major problems with Ouya: It seems like a lot of their games are developed by eight year olds.

  • Nathan

    Further reason to enjoy the ouya. In 2012 making a game for a console without thousands spent in capital was unheard of. I’m buying my Ouya right now.

    • Coby

      If Amazing Frog is terrible, then this is amazing. Looks great.

  • AAAbattery

    This. Is. The. Most. Amazing. Thing. Ever.
    I need to figure out how to code now.