We’re bringing tabletop PvP to the TV!

…and some genius gave a rabbit a minigun.

If you’re a fan of turn-based tactical strategy, and you like putting the hurt on ranked human opponents, you’ll need to get your hands on an OUYA controller for the special, console-exclusive edition of Arena of Heroes (AoH), arriving to the console this summer.

In AoH (by Sneaky Games), you play a Guardian — sort of a team manager, if you will. Your goal is to assemble the most badass team of Heroes from every race in the galaxy, and take said team to victory against real-world foes (fellow Guardians in the game, strangers IRL).

Unique heroes set you apart from the riff raff. Level them up as you gain FAME. Some Heroes are ranged, others melee — all have unique features and abilities that can make for a well-balanced team. Take your Heroes to battle, gain FAME, earn glyphs and use them to unlock and level up your heroes for a tactical advantage.

Additionally, AoH is cross-platform! When it arrives on OUYA this summer, you’ll be able to start a team on your couch and pick up where you left off anywhere — from PC to tablet. And you’ll be able to play people from across the land, o’er hill and dale.

Get a tactical advantage with the video tutorial now:

See you in the Arena.

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  • /lukasdk6 Lucas Oliveira Silva

    League of Heroes of Arena XD

  • Robert

    So i just read that the retail stores are already shipping out to customers that bought theirs just a week agoo.

    But people that bought from ouya directly months agoo havent still gotten a shipping email.. Are your customers that low of a priority?

    • CadmiumRED

      OUYA never shed any for the people who ordered first, like us. The customer service from these people couldn’t be any more loathsome, or could it? I still say that a reward is to be entitled to us, we deserve it.

      • Robert

        I agree, i never been treated like this by any other company ever. And im a gearhead, i buy alot of techstuff.

        I think people are gonna get fed up and look at the alternatives when they come out in fall, like madcatz mojo etc…

        • Robert

          Just express ship the damn thing and make rights on your wrongs, instead of ignoring your customers and acting like everythings fine.
          look at the comments on facebookpage / Twitter (@ouyasupport) / reddit.

          • CadmiumRED

            Oh man I looked at the reddit page once on people that didn’t get their OUYAs, and it’s funny on some of the comments, but they’re so true and right on how the OUYA group is doing this. The Retron 5 has more of my attention than the OUYA at this moment since I have a load of cartridge based games that could use some gameplay.

    • mikep

      We are doing our best to make sure that the orders are shipping as quickly as possible and appreciate your continued patience. We are also replying to support tickets as quickly as we can to make sure that individual updates are given.


  • Gerardo

    now we know not to buy online from Ouya ever again

  • C

    So uhhhh, why is nobody questioning the apparent non-existence of the mythical “Ouya”? Bf got a shipping notice today with a month long delivery window, no link to the shipping company, and when we figured it out the tracking number doesn’t work. Something is fishy, scam maybe?

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      C, please try the below for tracking your shipment:

      If you live in the U.S., use this link to track your OUYA order: http://bit.ly/16Tdh0e

      If you live outside of the U.S., use this link to track your order: http://bit.ly/16Tdj8m
      [IMPORTANT: be sure to enter your tracking # in the second text box labeled ‘Item Cust_Ref’ field; it’s case-sensitive.]

  • Preston

    Looks like a cool turn-based LoL type game

  • Trent

    Received a very unprofessional email today stating that there’s a good chance I wont get the second controller I pre-ordered. How is this possible when units are being sent to stores for people that just recently pre-ordered? Also my email saying that my OUYA is on it’s way does not have a link embedded to track my order and when I enter the DHL tracking number on the DHL site they say that tracking number doesn’t exist. I am having very bad feelings about this purchase.

    • http://www.ouya.tv Tim

      Trent, apologies for the confusion and frustation. To answer your question re: additional controllers, we’re doing our best to meet the demand for controllers, specifically, therefore wanted to get you your OUYA with one controller ASAP while we deal with the backlog of controller hardware. Our production process has been running at max capacity to fulfill the orders for additional controller(s) and we will send you a shipping notice AS SOON as we can possibly get them in the mail from our distribution facility. As for tracking your order, if you live in the U.S., use this link to track your OUYA order: http://bit.ly/16Tdh0e — if you live outside of the U.S., use this link to track your order: http://bit.ly/16Tdj8m
      [IMPORTANT: be sure to enter your tracking # in the second text box labeled ‘Item Cust_Ref’ field; it’s case-sensitive.]. Thanks for your patience!

  • Andrey ramos

    Osea como??? Donde esta mi ouya quiero mi ouya soy un early backer … Julie respondenos a los KS backers sigo sin tener un pedo de su ponche hrupo de trabajo sino pueden responder a todos y dicen ke solo son un grupo pequeño de personas … Contrta mas gente carajooo es una mamada que solo tengan 4 o 5 personas atendiendo todo esto y mo puedan … Give me my refund!!!!

  • Andrew

    I got my OUYA a couple of days ago… I know it’s annoying having to wait for something you pre-ordered last year like I did, but to be honest it is worth the wait. It’s really fun and the games are great so far. Just try to be patient.