While traversing life’s mortal coil, you’ll run into all sorts interesting people. From saintly strangers to lurking enemies, from protagonists to ne’er do wells and everyone in between. Some of these characters will help you along your travels.

Others will judo chop you in the back.

Hidden in Plain Sight (HIPS) helps you realise this truth to life. In this couch-based party game by Adam Spragg, your best friend becomes your worst enemy. And just like in life, you won’t know when your enemies will strike.

Sounds deep right? Well, it kinda is.

On the surface, HIPS is a mad jumble of silly cartoon sprites and simple art. The game’s true meaning can elude the outside observer. That is, until they pick up the sticks.

When you play Hidden in Plain Sight, you realize it’s more than a party game. It’s life — gamified.

Find out who you are, and be quick about it. Because while you search for yourself, your enemies are doing the same…

Play this game. It’s well worth the experience.

It’s on OUYA, and it’ll leave you cussing out your best friend, boyfriend, neighbor — shit even your parents if they’re down to play with you.

If you want a quick look at the game, check out my latest video that highlights HIPS as well as a few other games I’m diggin’.


Until next time, Internet.

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    “Your order was shipped via DHL Global Mail Packet Plus, and is estimated to arrive June 21, 2013 – July 11, 2013.”

    This sucks pretty hard! Especially for a backer…

  • Blake

    I just got my shipping email I’m so excited!

  • Shenzakai

    Me, too. Can’t wait to finally get my OUYA!

  • neeb

    My comment was not approved? my ticket, unanswered. 17 days after ticket was submitted, merely asking if something went wrong with my purchase (credit card processor error or something). no response. other comments on this post have since been accepted after i submitted a comment. i still have no shipping details, and by now its impossible for me to receive my ouya (7 months ago i ordered) before bestbuy or the likes will have them in stores.