Now that we’ve released the OUYA Development Kit, you have everything you need to start making OUYA games. A lot of you emailed us, asking what kind of games to make for OUYA.

And, since our friends at Kill Screen just launched Create, a contest to get great new games on OUYA, we thought it would be a good time to talk about what kinds of games we personally want to see.

OUYA, like all consoles, has the potential to immerse gamers into another state of mind and make the rest of the world fade. A television fills your field of vision, and commands your attention — it’s not a mobile phone or a browser (much as we love some games on those). We hope you will take advantage of this to make games that transport, challenge, scare, surprise, amaze, and thrill OUYA gamers.

What kind of person will play on OUYA? For now, it seems like most of the folks are devoted gamers, so you developers can assume you are building for people who know and like games. That doesn’t mean every game will be a procedurally-generated, “rogue-like” action RPG, but we’ll surely have a few of those in the mix.

By the way, we have plenty of men *and* women getting ready to play on OUYA come March.

So, if you’re feeling the need for an inspirational push out the gate, we made a list of genres we think might be especially fun to play on OUYA…

1. We have no idea. The whole point of OUYA is that it’s open to any developer, anywhere, to bring something inventive to life. Whatever games end up being the favorites on OUYA, we know we’ll be surprised. We want gamers to see games on OUYA that they can’t get on any other console (and, of course, some recognizable favorites too). So, most important of all, feel free to ignore the ideas that follow. Trust your vision. That said, we are excited about…

2. Local multiplayer action. OUYA’s instant-on means a gamer can just pick up and play, alone or with friends. Single-screen fast paced games, often in 2D, for up to four players who can take advantage of that fast start to make a blast of a couch experience. Split-screen, too — just keep your eyes on your side!

3. Puzzle-y platformers. These are great because you can take advantage of art and sound to create atmosphere, without necessarily dealing with the complexity of 3D. (Though our overclocked Nvidia Tegra 3 chip will support 3D in HD just fine if you do want to go there, and we encourage you to go there.)

4. Fighters? These are incredibly hard to balance and execute well, but OUYA’s responsive controller should make for some awesome fighting games. We’re still hard at work, tweaking the D-Pad with fighting gamers in mind.

5. Game shows? Who doesn’t love to test their knowledge and compete with other people. These are technically easier to build than a shooter or an RPG, so beginning developers might want to start here. Since OUYA is always online, you can safely build in online multiplayer play — bar trivia, anyone?

6. Stealth. Any game that needs fast, precise movements, and has real tension (will you get spotted? will you?!) will thrill on OUYA.

7. Genre mashups. Every great game stands on the shoulders of games that came before it and inspired it. OUYA is a place for developers to try hybrids. So many of the #myouyagame suggestions for our dev console giveaway were mashups.

8. Episodic games. This isn’t exactly a genre, but a way of delivering and making games. Don’t feel like you need to create a full 10-20 hour experience. We don’t charge you to update a game, so you can polish that first “episode” of your game, release it, and add more as you go. We think many developers would rather proudly release small-scale experiences than wait to make the whole thing.

9. More deeply Internet-enabled games. Do you want to use your servers to go beyond just multiplayer and leaderboards? Want to do complex AI beyond what the local CPU can handle, or host a persistent game world on a server — go for it. You can use the reliable Internet connection any way you like.

10. When in doubt, refer to #1.

And of course, shooters, RPGs, survival horror, sports, racing and other evergreen console genres will be great, too — maybe we will even get an MMO — we just wanted to offer some ideas especially suited to OUYA.

Most of you are making new games built for a TV. But some of you are porting games you made for another platform. If you are bringing a tablet or mobile game to OUYA, note the obvious: a TV is not a phone or tablet. Totally different experience. Some of your games may work well, but some will need reimagining to be stellar on a TV, and with a controller.

And a last reminder: all games on OUYA are “free to play.” We seem to have caused some confusion on this: By “free to play” we just mean some aspect of gameplay has to be free. This is because we want to have a simple console user interface (no “free games” vs. “paid games” sections), and we want to align gamers’ interests with developers (a gamer only pays after they know they like the game). No, your game does not have to use “microtransactions” (although some will). You can make a free demo and have the rest of the game unlocked with a single purchase. We like the “every game has a free element” model because all your money comes from gamers who are happy to pay you.

So, whether it’s one of these ideas or something else… build something. It’s time to create that console game you’ve always believed should exist.

If you think you can prototype it well enough to enter and win the Create game jam, go for it. We believe in you.




The Head Honcho

  • alejandro morales

    Will there be support for arcade sticks for the ouya in the future? arcade sticks are an integral part of the the fighting game culture and community providing precise control most controllers cant provide.

    • The Doctor

      If the stick has bluetooth, I’m sure it can’t be too hard to have it work.

      I hope to use my Ringbow on OUYA as well :)

      • Bilbo Baggins

        Yes, As Long as they are bluetooth

    • Glen

      I too would like to know this, and im not too sure if this has been mentioned before (if so i cannot find it or im blind) will the ouya be compatible with 3rd party controllers including xbox360 and ps3 controllers?

      • Jordan P

        Since the Ouya is Android and designed to be modified freely, I have no doubt that even if the console doesn’t ship with this functionality it can be easily added on after the fact.

        Porting the Six-Axis app from Google Play should make PS3 controllers work without question.

        Wireless Xbox 360 controllers probably won’t work but seeing as the Ouya has USB then plugging a Wired X360 controller should work fine, although some system tweaks may have to be made for the Ouya to detect the Controller properly(unless the Ouya Devs are kind enough to ship the Ouya with the proper files included). Had to copy a file into a system folder on my Nexus 7 in order for the X360 controller to be detected correctly.

  • Cristhian

    Really interesting, i will think about it.

  • William Trimble

    Hockey! Even the platformers have fallen off the wagon on this one.

  • Nathan

    I’d love to see some kind of mmorpg down the line eventually :3

    • Dan

      Gameloft would be smart to release Order and Chaos on ouya =]

    • Jesse

      definetly i’m playing that game right now on my iPod touch and loving it. seeing it on the OUYA and with a controller would be awesome.

    • newmessage

      Just sit and wait…

  • Theril Andrews

    MMO, this is a must. I think console MMOs are desinated to be successful and it would gravitate a lot of MMO players to the Ouya. Even a port of a great MMO would be amazing as well (i.e. World of Warcraft or more open sourced type game like Wurm Online.) I’m not sure though how much graphical power the Tegra has though.

    • Sam

      Yes, games like Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride would be really nice!

      • Wajeemba

        Mario Party-esque, anyone?

        I like the idea of board games to an extent, but I LOVE the idea of the board game style that would be to hard to implement without a computer running the board.

        Then you start getting into realtime, which reminds me of Gauntlet, as ManoJenga mentioned. Which I would also love to see a new take on :D

        I am hoping that devs will target up to 4 players+, not just 1 or even 2 player games. Personally, I enjoy gaming, but I don’t like spending endless hours in front of a screen not interacting with my friends. The reason I signed on here is because of the in-room possibilities.

        Did/does anyone play Micro Maniacs? old ps1 title, but I still have it around just because you can actually get 8 people playing on one console. Great for a projector/LAN party break. Challenge issued!

        You’ll have to figure out how to get past the 4 player limit if you accept that one. I could see an incredibly creative game happening if you build one for people with smartphones. WiFi pair with the console and now you have a touch-display with haptic feedback (decent size too, I’m seeing either iphones or S3’s on new purchases among my circle of acquaintances). Challenge #2 issued! I know, Wii U, but I feel like the indy dev pool is WAY more creative than anything Nintendo/3rd party could come up with.

  • Chris Nielsen

    Some high quality multi-player tactical games would be pretty cool. I’m thinking games like Squad Leader, Memoir ’44, Space Hulk, X-Com, but also more family-friendly stuff like Settlers, Formula De, Carcasonne etc.

  • Blake Hulbert

    I want to see high quality games on Ouya, I’m for anything 3D.

  • igopod

    What do you think about OUYA profile/social system, where people can see friend’s games and achievements or make a gift?
    OUYA social can be used for create a user championships with build-in shedule or something like that.
    P.S. Sorry for offtopic.

  • Wilds

    Working on a 3D Third Person Puzzle Platformer made and designed for a T.V. gameconsole! (The game is in it’s early stages)

  • ManoJenga

    Definitely some local multiplayer rpgs, like good old rpgs, Baulder’s Gate, Gauntlet, Dungeon Siege!

  • Demetrio Martinez Jr.

    Well I would say most platformer have lost the whole local gameplay aspect of their systems. Its would be nice to system link and/or splitscreen I’ve gotten tired of the only online experience that this generation of consoles have given us and want people to take more advantage of the fact the more than one controller can be connected to the system. I join this community because I know the possiblities and I like the fact that people listen to the opinion of there peers, fellow gamers and devs. Thank you Ouya and everyone for making that possible.

  • Nathan

    A genre I would like to see is FPS Shooter games.
    Theres a couple high quality Unity 3d projects out there already…

    • Carter

      Just some old titles that were fun that come to mind:

      Strategy: Kessen, maybe even a feudal online-esque challenge mode for one on one or 2v2 combat.

      Party:Mario party type game with an online mode added later. Minigames could be added in packs of 10 mini games for 2-3 dollars as expansions to the game.

      Just some 2 cents.

  • TheCosmotect

    I’m working on a puzzle-platformer type game (#3), but unfortunately I won’t be able to prototype anything for Create (and I would be at a disadvantage not having a dev console).

  • Haven “bluecollarart” Luckenbill

    “But some of you are porting games you made for another platform.”

    Wait, are you going to allow ports of completed games for the CREATE game jam? That would basically be lifting the “ten day dev cycle” limit.

    That’s fine for a friendly jam, but for a competition, that all but completely destroys the chances for anyone that’s making something new.

  • jon

    Games like sim farm. Sim coaster. Those are always addictive games that I enjoy lol.

  • Gustavo

    Beat ’em up Beat ’em up Beat ’em up Beat ’em up Beat ’em up I LOVE THIS GAMES. With many enemies and very frenetic missions.

  • Jose Rijo

    Gameloft Games!!!

    I Want Gameloft Games in the Ouya Console,
    Please Make My Dream Come True!

  • Lucas Phillips

    I have an idea and inspiration to build a third-person shooter clone of the game Cave Story. If you’ve ever played kingdom hearts, or used a ghost in Halo, it would be similar to the controls in those. If anyone is interested and is a strong developper, I’d love for you to contact me. Since I’m not strong enough in Java to get this built, I’ll need help.

  • mohammed

    if we now watching gaming consoles in this size at this generation. whats we are going to see at next generation ?
    i am really excited for this console :)

  • Elfish

    It would be awesome to see some kind of battlefield game on it. But something less serious with toy soldiers or some art like the Wii game Battalion Wars 2. I would prefer it in 3rd person. If only I could program or had any artistic knowledge then I would try to make it myself.

  • Seth

    I want a game where there is a city and you can walk, drive, buy, take, and crash into stuff with an interstate surrounding the city in a circular way.

    • The Doctor

      Sounds a lot like GTA: San Andreas to me ;)
      And the older GTA’s a are already being ported to Android by Rockstar…

  • Seth

    Will ouya be able to support a wireless keyboard?

  • Jonas Söderström

    I would like to see some turn based board games that doesn’t require both players to be online at the same time. I imagine coming home, turning on my ouya, do a move in each game and then go to bed.

    I would also like to see some high quality 2D puzzlers, games like Braid and Limbo.

    A flight simulator would be wonderful!

  • Matt

    I agree with nathan. The FPS genre is getting more and more popular, but instead of COD, try supporting something like BF3. COD’s sales say that the franchise is on it’s way down.

  • Spencer

    There are not enough platformers in general coming out nowadays. I’d love to see some new 2D and 3D platformers, although not too puzzle-oriented (think Super Mario World for 2D and Crash Bandicoot 2 for 3D). A few eastern RPGs would also be nice to see.

  • dannobot

    Yo, just a heads up… if you want Ouya to be a fighter console, you need to offer wired controller. Wireless controllers are totally banned from all fighting game tournaments (they can cause syncing issues during matches).


  • ry

    not a game, but a Spotify client would be lovely so i can enjoy my ouya even whilst i’m not playing it.

  • trent

    theres this game called begone

  • Klaus T

    I would like to see a good Bomberman clone with both online and offline multiplayer modes. No fancy 3D or mature graphics, just keep it cartoony, fun and isometric top-down like the Bomberman games.
    Since Hudson is no more, the Bomberman franchise seems to be dead. A shame since the classic Bomberman games were some of the best multiplayer games.

  • Alexis

    Pienso comprar una OUYA, pero me gustaría saber si, una vez descargados los juegos, podré usarlos sin conexión a internet. ¡Por favor!

  • rickosh

    I’d love to see 3d Platformers on this console (eg. Pitfall: The Lost Expedition, one of the best games of all time) that have good plots, and don’t go the “letz just add gunzzz” route other 3d Platformers have.

  • Jonas

    I would love to see a decent flight simulator on the Ouya.

    Imagine coming home from a hard day at the office. Starting the flight sim and do the 2 hour flight from Copenhagen Kastrup to London Heathrow.

  • Bill

    Roller Coaster Sym game ….my fav

  • Anna T

    I’d like some historical simulation games like Caesar 3 or Civilisation. Not many of those on the other consoles. How about a travel game? There used to be a game called Backpacker that was quite good.

    • TinaV

      Agreed 100%

  • The Doctor

    Does the HDMI connect on OUYA support two screens? It would rock to have multiplayer on two fullsize screens rather than a splitscreen.

  • Mike

    I’m very glad you placed local multiplayer as number 2 on your list, as I very rarely play alone in front of the tv.. those I tend to play on a PC or a tablet.

    I was considering getting a PS3, but coming across the OUYA project made me reconsider. It would be great if you had an OUYA game card so I could subscribe to some service where I get a “free” selection of games every month similar to Playstation Plus. I also don’t have a credit card, so a way to pay without having one would be a great feature, so your OUYA store could be payed through some sort of points system.

    I tend to like simpler graphics but terrific gameplay. A fun splitscreen fps (like shooting zombies/aliens/monsters more than the realistic “war” FPS), also a coop or splitscreen rts would be great as those are rare (like pikmin for example).

  • Anssi

    Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy games are my favs. I know there are other approaches, but beauty, rhytm and playability where you NEVER have dull moments is what matters here. Never too difficult, never too easy, never repeating, always beautiful. Of course there is repetition, but in a good game it does not feel like it.

    I think many hard core gamers don’t mind grinding through some boring or ugly or illogical sequences, as long as there is enough of good things too. But the rest of us, about 7 billion people, do.

  • Matt Siebert

    I like the potential for old school games. There are a lot of apps that replicate games on older consoles but they just feel awkward without an actual controller.

  • Ifunga

    I guess this means turn based action games like the The SCND Genesis would be welcome? Is there incentive to make Ouya exclusive games?

  • Antoine

    I want to see SuperTuxKart ported to ouya. It is a kart racing game that looks like a high res version of Mario kart 64. Its open source and completely free, but maybe artists could design original ingame items like hats or other items for sale. It uses the Irrlicht game engine which people have gotten working on Android. The gameplay is solid and it took me about 4 hours to be beat. It also has split screen multiplayer and people who know blender 3d can make their own karts, characters, and tracks. It would be nice to see Ouya’s answer to Mario Kart acknowledge its Linux roots and have a free full game right out of the box.

  • Adamantus

    I think #1 is very important. Everything being pinned down to genres is what’s wrong with the gaming industry. It’s best not to know. When Tom Raider came out they didn’t say here comes another action / adventure title, it was just Tomb Raider. I’m more interested in true creativity rather than the same old crap. And by creativity I don’t mean someone made a game that makes pretty fireworks!

  • Simon

    I’m just hoping someone makes a great OUYA exclusive game cranchise… like Ratchet and Clank on ps3 and Halo on Xbox :3

  • Bring it back


  • qczy

    I think about games such as dancing/singing/jumping etc… Whether it will be possible to connect with ouya such thing like camera or microphones? I would like to play games like Singstar / Ultrastar or other “move/sing capture” games from known consoles.

  • Bentley

    what about something like day Z?
    I really would enjoy that.

  • Salvador

    Easy to control mmo games like league of legends with your control scheme in mind. Classic arcade games and featured indie games that go unnoticed. retro style arcade games and maybe a smash bros style game with many indie heroes like meat boy and commander video!

  • Austin shaw

    will minecraft be in it

  • Mathew Griffin

    Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale


    Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters

  • Skeptical Guy

    Honestly, I’m skeptical about Ouya… because all I read is ‘Android’ and immediately I think of causal games (Angry Birds) and ports of 10 year old console games (GTA3, Final Fantasy 7). I play games like Fallout 3, Dishonored, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, etc. Would games of this scope and size even be possible on Ouya? Will Ouya have its own Games Store for games that run on Ouya but couldn’t be playable on an Android tablet? Never say never, I’m just saying… show me the software and I’ll show you my money. A few people might rationalize “Then Ouya is not the console for you” (which may be realistic but also defeatist), but I’d like it to be and need convincing.

  • Cowan

    Infinity blade dungeons. Will ouya be able to handle it tho I actually want to know because from what I’ve been reading I’m not sure if angry birds will even work on this thing with an android operating system. Is it ment for good games or like arcade games?

  • Alex

    Do you know about how much games will cost or are projected to cost?

  • Josh

    Who’s up for hacking Pokemon on this thing! Imagine Pokemon on the TV! Damnnnnnnnnn!

  • jonatha

    not a game but a spotify client would be very nice

  • Midtown Madness Fan

    Bring back Midtown Madness 3

    • Turok

      That was a great game!!!!

      • Midtown Madness 3 Fan

        Bring back Midtown Madness 3

    • Xander

      That game was awesome!!!!

    • Tom

      I miss that game :’-(

  • Allen Schoepflin

    I would like to have a Magic the Gathering game on the Ouya.

    • Jared

      Yeah! Duels of the Planeswalkers would run great on the Ouya. It’d be hard to get wizards to take notice, though.

  • Lex

    First or third person sci-fi shooters like star wars battlefront and halo

    • Jack

      Halo was awesome. My favorite halo game is Halo Custom Edition.

  • Travis

    RTS, turnbased RPG, and maybe sim type games have really had a falling out. I really think there should be more strategy like c&c red alert and early final fantasy. But what would be very interesting is a sim city

  • ibraheem

    halo, mass effect, gta4, halo 3,4,wars,2 and other bungie(i think that’s short for bungali lol xd!) games. cod, red fraction, splinter cell, project gotham should be on it. if i can have these games on a 1.6ghz 1gb ram 128mb graphics cheap laptop, i should have them on ouya.

  • Jeff

    Yay, I’m not the first one to mention Supertuxkart. I love old-school games, of any kind. One thing to make the console sweeter could be creating a mascotte, which could appear in other games (e.g. tennis referee, remember anything?) :D How about a survey?

  • Jared

    After playing with the launch titles, what the ouya needs is something with lots of actual depth and complexity, but that will run okay with less graphical fidelity. Look at older games like the original fallout titles, or morrowind. Make graphics stylized and concept-art-y, like Borderlands. Titles like these benefit from a genuinely well-thought-out setting, if not story. Imagine Thief on ouya, but with updated controlls and aesthetics and design.

    Please, no exaggerated giant-gloves wow-knockoff art, though. It always looks like a half-assed browser MMO add on the edge of a web page.

  • jorgevilasboas

    I would like to have local multiplayer games. Bomberman, FPS games like left 4 Dead with splitted screen. teewolrds supporting local players splitting screen too.

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  • 6are9


  • wizard

    Planet explores,space miner blast,galaxy on fire