We’re thankful so many game developers have ordered an OUYA dev console – and so many more of you reached out to us about the wonderful games you have in the works. ** We announced 13 winners in the #myouyagame Dev Console Giveaway!

Still, some of you told us you’d have loved to get a developer kit – but they were just too expensive. (We agree, by the way. These early units cost much more to make. When we ship the $99 gamer-ready units, those will all be dev consoles, too.)

But for now, we want to help some of you great developers out there who may not have been able to afford a dev console. And we want to get more of you making games ready for OUYA’s launch…

So, starting December 10, we are going to give away one dev console every day for 10 days. (That’s a total of 10 consoles).

To get one, you have to tell us about one game you want to make for OUYA. But, make it short. Tweet short.

So, tweet out your game idea with the hashtag #myouyagame. We’ll pick some of our favorites and give 10 of you a dev console. We’ll base our choices on 100% scientific factors like:

  • Our totally subjective opinions on how creative and wow-ee they are
  • How popular they seem to be (from retweets, comments, etc.)
  • Whether we believe you can make the game

If you link to more info about your game (art, or a video, or whatever) we’ll try to check that out, too. We’ll weight things in favor of games we believe you might actually be able to make in time for OUYA’s launch.

We will also save a few of these dev consoles for students, so no matter how experienced you are, share your game ideas…we know there’s a lot of craftsmanship between a game concept and a finished product. This little contest is our vote of confidence that you’ll get there.

The sooner you get tweeting, the more your #myouyagame idea will have a chance to pick up steam. And you can enter as many times as you like…

Get to it.

The OUYA Team

  • william l’heureux


    I made a tower defense game that support multiple levels and multiplayer. I would like to get an OUYA dev console to port it to the OUYA for free. The experience i will get from this if you pick me if priceless :)


    William, future software engineer :)

  • Enoch

    Excited to tweet my current project! Thanks for the update and this contest!!! :)

  • Michael

    I’m a developer and would love to have a dev console to experiment with.

    Attn: Michael Lessing
    6021 University Blvd. Suite 300
    Ellicott City, MD 21043
    410-772-7969 x101



    • Aaron Francis

      Minecraft all the way. Specifically a “Shadowgate” style edition. I was a fan of Shadowgate and love Minecraft. Meld them together and you have a free roam environment that you can shape and mold to solve puzzles and riddles to defeat someone or something.


  • http://resume.richiepreece.com Richie Preece

    I LOVE ANDROID and am so excited to finally develop on OUYA! I just can’t afford a dev kit and had to go the $99 route. I would love a chance to develop my games early and have them ready for the grand launch of OUYA!

  • Mitul Mittal

    One game would have to be Final Fantasy 7 in HD!

    • John Speirs

      I defo 2nd this

  • http://www.deep-plaid.com Shay Pierce

    This is very cool, thanks for doing this! Giving away some free consoles is a great opportunity for indie devs; and this can help them build buzz for their own games and for the OUYA at the same time. Everyone wins!

  • OUYA

    Sounds awesome!

  • thomas verweij


    i would like to see a, adventure game, with a lot of puzzles and riddles. But also action.

    the actions like, black ops 2
    and the puzzle and riddles like, Reah for pc

  • Vinicius

    Are the tweets restricted to game development or we can also tweet about hardware projects?

  • http://www.estudiopintamonos.cl Luciano

    Rabbit run is a runner about this rabbit that wants to get to his girl, so he’s running across different places to get to her, while he eats carrots and avoids the dangers of the world!.

  • http://www.coloradogamecoders.com Mike Croswell

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Ryan White

    Tweet this any time? Or tweet this every day from 12/10 to 12/20?

  • BryanS

    This is such a great idea!!! Creating a Twitter account now.

  • Alec Perseghin

    i have just started my android development journey. i come from a C and C++ background with a good bit of Java in there too. I have a great idea called AuralEngine that takes music (sample by sample at 48000khz) and turns it into a visually stimulating gaming experience. I have a few other experienced devs working with me on this (they are actually just advising when needed). Imagine playing a game that you built from your favorite playlist. A game with challenging levels and great graphics. Not just a runner or scroller but a completely immersive audio-video-tactile experience thats fun for the whole family.

  • andrew

    Totally awesome bishōjo game focusing on vietnam soldiers meeting asian women

  • TeoplePoo

    That hashtag is a nightmare for dyslexics.

  • http://about.me/michaelcole Micole

    I know here at College of Charleston we have a few students itching to develop games. Hopefully we get some dev consoles ^.^

  • Steve Potenziano

    Hi guys .I had got one on the Kickstarter and I also orderd another controler.But that didnt show up on my order placement can you help on this? :) Thanks much. Steve

  • http://www.SignedAdam.webs.com SignedAdam

    Great Idea! I hope we see some creative games

    • Jesse

      Then you probably won’t get one dude. I know how much it hurts to conform, but you may have to take one for the team on this. If you seriously want one, you’ll suck it up and make a (evil laugh) TWITTER ACCOUNT. (everyone in the room shudders)

  • http://www.aeongames.com Rodrigo Hernandez

    What if I don’t have a twitter account, don’t want one, wont create one, but would seriously like to enter the contest?

    • Jesse

      Then you probably won’t get one dude. I know how much it hurts to conform, but you may have to take one for the team on this. If you seriously want one, you’ll suck it up and make a (evil laugh) TWITTER ACCOUNT. (everyone in the room shudders)
      -sorry for the repost, i clicked the wrong reply button

  • http://twitter.com/g1calebll6 Caleb

    i have allways Loved Videogames. i realy would like to make a Game and i have even given up on Nintendo and Chose to buy an Ouya and Not a WII U or 3ds. and i am a huge Nintendo Fan. i realy wouldlike to make a Supernatural Game Play as a hunter or Angel or Demon or Werewolf or spirit or Vampire. or maybe make a game like Shining Force for sega Gen. or maybe make a Screwattack.com Fighting Game Like Streetfighter or mortal kombat. iLove Classic Games Like Yoshis Island

  • Sven Raschke

    A Jump n’ Run – You have to toggle speed and jumpt power before the jump and can’t influence the result in mid-air.

    Totally new feeling of control and gamyplay!

  • http://flamingmac.com emilio

    so, is Twitter the only eligible service? i’d love for my ideas to be heard on G+…

  • Griffin

    I don’t use Twitter… is there anyway for me to enter?

  • Jeff

    I don’t got a twitter but I got a game I’m developing. Any chances for people like me who aren’t as social to get on board this?

  • Troy Brewer

    I would love to work on a multiplayer version of the hit card game dominion for the ouya.

  • http://www.Pcserviceenschede.nl Don

    Great, i have some idea’s ready!

  • http://talesofgames.com allan o

    i’m a programmer at tales of game’s. we make rock-fucking-solid vidcons. yep.

  • http://www.materialpoetic.com Itai Raccah

    I would like to make a multiplayer co-operative puzzle game for casual gamers. There is a distinct lack of such games on the market, the only true great multiplayer co-op puzzle game is portal 2, and that requires WASD controllers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robbie.ward.5688?ref=tn_tnmn Robbie Ward

    Hey guys,

    Awesome to hear that you guys are all set to go by December. I actually cannot wait to try one out for myself. I am currently studying for my honors degree in computing in my 3rd year of college and I would actually love to be able to develop a game or app for the OUYA for one of my projects next January for college. If you allowed me to win the OUYA you can be SURE I’d put the ODK’s to good use!

    Thank you for releasing this amazing console guys.

    Robbie Ward

  • Christopher Crosbie

    I will be making a game about manipulating peoples dreams and how it affects the “real world”.

  • Benjamin Young

    NURTURE: A game where you slowly watch your character develop a rare power to forcibly remove and absorb souls, ultimately becoming the villain. Active-battle RPG-style with the players crafting and honing strategic movesets to outwit the opponent online or in campaign!

  • Dancerfool

    Wait, so anyone who backed the Ouya on Kickstarter will get a dev console? It still counts if you ordered a second controller, correct?
    That’d be awesome.

  • http://siteuntitled.com Robert

    Should student status be specified?

  • Jose Ramon

    Seria muy interesante un juego como fifa o pro para esta consola :) con los nuevos sistemas :/

  • Shawn Simas

    I’m currently working on on a puzzle game about a Miner who needs to pick up all the precious metals in a level and then get to the exit.

    It has some interesting twists and many items that must be used to complete each level. I was originally hoping to have it on the XBox Indie or another similar platform but those are not really feasible of a one-person game like myself so I was thinking something like Ouya would be perfect!

    Thanks for reading,

  • Lasse Saikkonen

    What about those of us who have refused to join the social media craze and have never joined fb/twitter?

  • Lynn Kiva

    And for those of us who don’t use Twitter?

  • Remco

    I would like to bring simple classics as pong in plain black and white to the ouya console!

    • Remco

      4 player versions ofcourse

  • http://www.epiphanygames.com.au morgan lean

    http://www.epiphanygames.net/our-games/runic-rumble/ Runic Rumble maybe do it differently but the same idea

  • http://www.twiitch.com Shane Stevens

    I REALLY want to get Coco Loco onto the big screen, which is why I backed OUYA in the first place! Check out Coco Loco on our website (http://www.twiitch.com) or watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsDgUCA5scM

    Whether we win a dev kit or not, we can’t wait for OUYA! Good luck! :)

    Twiitch – Founder | CTO

  • http://furui.org Jeff Davis

    Hi guys, I don’t actually use Twitter, so here’s my pitch:

    A multiplayer survival-horror game where the player must gather items on a huge randomly generated island to build a boat to escape.

    Pitch over. Sorta.

    I know your company is busy getting this cool product together, but if I still have your attention I’d love to explain more and show you the real progress I’ve made in the past few days.

    I’m using the MonoGame framework (a multi-platform port of Microsoft’s excellent XNA Game Studio). For the network code, I ported hplus’s position interpolator (http://www.mindcontrol.org/~hplus/epic/) to .NET. You may see that code here: http://furui.org/Extrapolator.cs

    I’m still working on the island generation code, but just to give you an idea, here’s an example of a randomly generated island with scattered “village” biomes: http://furui.org/test.png

    This is a 3000×3000 map. Each pixel represents a 32×32 tile. That means its over 90000 pixels in either direction for players to explore. I plan on adding a variety of biomes for grassy areas, sandy areas, beaches, tropical forests, graveyards, and an airport.

    There will be randomly generated monsters, however, players will have to also worry about other players. It will be free for all, and there will be an incentive to want to get off the island.

    Hope you like my idea, and congratulations on shipping your dev consoles on the 28th! I can’t wait to get my paws on mine in March!


  • Lawrence J Speece

    I would be classified as a student. I am really looking forward to the Ouya console and learning how to program for it at 62 years young. My youngest son will be my go-to mentor for basic programming skills. Winning this contest would provide me the means for accomplishing a long-time goal supported by this awesome and unique ODC unit. I am truly pleased with the progress of all who are bringing the Ouya to market. I sincerely congratulate each and every one of you for your efforts and expertise that you have put forth in this project. I wish Ouya the best of success…”Ouya!”

  • http://www.evagrius.net Frank Murphy

    Gramma’s Fridge = Gramma likes putting art from kids on her fridge. Each day (level) she gets increasingly more art (diff shapes/sizes) and your job to help her make it all fit.

  • Tsvika Solan

    An 8-bit looking MMORPG — think minecraft only less of looking on a wiki how to build certain things and more of interacting with others, collecting items, and teaming up to complete missions and fight monsters.

  • James Krantz

    a sort of top-down physics puzzler where you have to shoot/cut/explode/teleport/push/pull space debris to clear a way for passing space ships.

  • http://www.futurint.com larry hitchcock

    We’re already making education games that tie to a soon to be launched digital education platform for US public schools by a major education publisher.

    We’re going to launch in-home math learning games for kids that tie to their in-school curriculum that’s based on the new Common Core State Standards (see http://www.corestandards.org/) that are soon to be the standards in 46 US states which =millions of kids on a new education platform.

    And seems like that would be a good initial killer game for an Android based game platform that is internet connected and can tie back to a kids required school work – don’t you think?

    Remember – 46 states = almost 50 million school age kids.

  • http://www.futurint.com larry hitchcock

    Oh yeah – can’t really tweet anything much about that… so send me a note instead.

  • Michael Shorkey

    I have an idea for a game…

    It is called Plop.

    A 2D Platformer about a Yellow Drop of Paint that must save the land of Color from the “Dark one” who wishes to make everything Black and White.

  • Johannie Inclan

    I’m on creating a version of a canabalt style star wars theme theme game, but with Nyan Cat as the main protagonist :)

  • scott seeber

    Sorry, I don’t tweet. An RTS called Ballz… units and buildings are based on the chakra system. The point of the game is to build up in order to get rid of everything.

  • http://www.jawdrop.in Gaurav

    Excellent initiative. I did wanted the dev console when i decided to back the project. But due to the high cost and ultimately the exchange rate with Indian rupees, i was not able to afford one. Now lets see if my ideas can fetch me one.

  • Oscar Hasten

    A space commerce game where planets are colonized and developed.

  • Long Ngo

    Hi Ouya,

    I want to bring the first RTS game with Starcraft-quality to Ouya.
    I’m currently leading a team of engineers, building an OpenGL-ES based Game Engine for Android. It will be possibly open-source. I’d love love to have a developers’ console to experiment with.


  • saied nizar

    Hope will be in tunisia

  • http://www.tw33kgame.com Thad Phetteplace

    While porting our Tw33k educational game for the OUYA, we will also port the open source Cube II game engine, opening the door to all the games based on it (Sauerbraten, Red Eclipse, Marble Arena II, …). You will be getting not just a single game, but an entire game developer community.

  • Thomas

    dev consoles for students? thats why I am interesting in :)

  • https://sites.google.com/a/yorkg33k.com/vampire-winter-board-game/ Rob Turnbull

    I left a shorter version on Twitter but it’s hard to do in a few sentences…

    Lois Tilton’s “Vampire Winter” is the inspiration for my game, tentatively titled “Master of the Flock”:

    A vampire living near Chicago? survives a nuclear blast at the start of World War III. His immortality ensures that he doesn’t suffer from radiation sickness but his food source does not enjoy the same health benefits. He does suffer though because he can’t drink the blood of irradiated humans (the blood is “spoiled”.) So not only has his usual food supply been mostly eliminated from the blast and associated fallout/destruction, but only a fraction of those that still remain are “edible.”
    This is the vampire’s challenge: He has to gather, protect and provide for a pure (human) food source. This proves difficult. Bandits, starvation, nuclear winter and lack of shelter are all chipping away at the survivors. He also has to be open about his “needs” and enters into a rough pact with those he collects – to feed from them in exchange for a better chance at survival.

  • Thomas Sauter


    I’d like Crash Team Racing on Ouya.

  • michael walker

    I want to make a game for children about a bunny escaping from a pet to find his/her way home.

  • Scott Zupek

    Does this have to be on Twitter. Some of us computer folk hate twitter and it’s big business engineered-ness …yep that’s a word.

  • Scott Zupek

    you can delete that, i just created one, sorry

  • http://www.psyreal.com Adam Krause

    You guys rock!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RobCollectsBlurays Robert Strohbach

    Im the best with Ouyaaa.

  • Joel Thompson

    I’d like to make a simple space-based RTS harkening back to the early RTS days, in a similar vein to Star Trek Armada, and the popular STA2: FleetOps mod, though in a new and unique universe.

  • http://runningbirdstudios.com Jason Burch

    The game we will create for the Ouya console is a new take on the whole zombie attack fps genre…. “Vegetarian Zombies Attack”…..
    just think of these vegetable crazed zombies walking around …. tofu…. need more tofu…. or lettuce…lettuce…..

    In a farm out in the middle of no where a farmer must take action and fight against the Zombie plague that is eating all of his crop.
    So grab that shot gun, pitch fork, axe, whatever you can chop up these vegetable stealing fiends…

    Jason Burch
    Runningbird Studios

  • Christian Prouty

    My idea is a free roaming zombie survival game. My goal is to mix up a few games (like GTA4’s free roaming, A.I. controlled zombies, etc..) and come out with the best survival game in existance, While also making it fun with a good apocalyptic story line. While still inexperienced this is a dream ive had for many years now and need as much help acomplishing this goal as possible.

  • Rick Miranda


    I would love to be able to talk about the specifics about the game concept and mechanics but this is part of the IP for this game. This game will be 3d and developed on Unity.

    But what I would like to say is that I have a contract with a small indie game development company, I will be providing the Project Management/Project Development expertise. I have several years of experience in Project Management and have been bursting at the seems to get into the indie game development arena.

    The game project we’re working on will have a prototype version in late January. At that point, I will go through a 1 month funding round to raise additional funds to polish the game. Once fully funded, the game will be developed for iOS and Android. If additional funding is received, will also port to Mac and Windows. Once the Android port is finished, we will need the developer OUYA console to take the Android port and work it for OUYA.

    The prototype is on contract already and $2,000 has been committed. At least another $2K will be committed for the polished Alpha version.

    I would love to be able to hear back on this and getting the OUYA developer console will make it easier for us to work this game in. The game document outlines a freemium model with in-app/game purchases and falls right in line with OUYA’s business model.

    I hope to hear back soon. Thank you for your consideration.

    Best Regards
    Lightning Drop Studio, LLC

  • Michael Nicklaus

    my idea is a strategy game where you run aground on an island degrees of difficulty, and then must try to survive like (robinson cruso) then the game should be in two so even hardcore players emulate what

    you begin to stop and has to try to build tools
    to find food
    protect themselves from animals

    if you then it must protect the island’s gold or you can build an entire city I leave you

  • http://www.spritekin.com Guimo

    I would like to make a tetris-like game where the player needs to build the bricks in order to patch the incoming broken lines. An inverse approach for tetris.

  • osama

    Hey.. Im an developer and unfortunately i cant afford it..But i would be really happy getting one of these.

  • Fechler


    I am a student of Bachelor of Science Information Systems in Germany.
    I want to make a Economy Simulation like Harvest Moon with elements of an Action Adventure like The Legend of Zelda, because those games I link them with my childhood. In my opinion the connection of those fantastic genres is a Must-Have in every childroom. So I hope you join my Idea and you will support my project.

    :-) Alexander Fechler

  • Brandmüller

    great idea want to have one of these! :)

  • Briant S. Davis

    My brother and I would like to make a beat em up game on the console.

  • http://www.mattprojects.com/blob/index.php Matthias

    My small personal project: GameCreator and GamePlayer.
    Goal is to achieve a software bundle of creation and play software for various genres. The current state is for creating and playing RPG games with about 50% of functionality. I will use my personal Ouya for further development and testing of my big project, but a dev version would be very nice. My project is kinda unknown because I want to make reach more functionality of one genre (RPG) till I broadcast the news of my project to a wider audience.

  • david tudury

    in case I was meant to respond here and not twitter… I’d like to use an ouya dev console to make “go-go-guerrilla”. it’s contra + go-go-gadget. like bionic commando but more gadgets and more puzzles. thank you!

  • Dr. Daniel Calef

    Periodic Table Game

    Each player get two randomly selected element “cards.” One is the start element, the other the end. They choose their start element. It is shown. Lowest element starts.

    The take turns drawing connection cards – some straight, some right angles. They take turns building a path through the periodic table occupying elements. Only one players card per element. First person who reaches their end element then shows that card and wins.

  • Anbarasu

    i will be glad if i got a ouya Dev console i will develop a new kind of game that will change view on gaming industry today .Every student must develop at least one game before playing game is my dream . I am sure that day is near to us . I think it can achieved by OUYA .in coming days….
    All the best to OUYA


  • Anbarasu

    i will be glad if i got a ouya Dev console i will develop a new kind of game that will change view on gaming industry today .Every student must develop at least one game before playing game is my dream . I am sure that day is near to us . I think it can achieved by OUYA .in coming days….
    All the best to OUYA


  • Philippe

    If you have a game idea but you are not a developer but would like to participate can you setill win a dev console because I have no idea on how to program.

    • ManlyStump

      Why would you want a dev console if you can’t program?

  • http://www.cheapnorthfacewindbreakers.com/ North Face Windbreaker

    I’m not sure why but this weblog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  • logan

    My idea is a multiplayer 3rd person shooter.
    ps: I dont have a twitter

  • David Simpson

    My game idea is called “Harvey Bulletface:Junior G-Man”

    It’s going to be a twin stick style shooter, with an emphasis on rhythm. Something of a cross of Guitar Hero, Geometry Wars with a splash of Monster Hunter Internation for flavor.

    I’m a student studying game programming and design. I’m thrilled about the Ouya! You guys rock!

  • David Simpson

    Oh. A tweet. With twitter. Right.

  • simon simson

    remake a chopper game i coded in 1984 for my SC3000.

    • simon simson

      maybe i should tweet that

  • http://www.joshuareber.com Joshua Reber

    Tiy From Chucklefish is looking to get an ouya, just saying! Saw him tweeting about it on twitter

    • http://www.joshuareber.com Joshua Reber

      He is an awesome developer and would love to bring one of the most amazing indie games that hasn’t been released yet to Ouya likely :D

  • http://www.sreyasnutritionslimzone.com/company_culture.asp sreyasnutritionslimzone

    Garret good point!!!

  • J Stowell

    Hold on a minute. You guys are *giving* away developer consoles i.e. $7000 worth of funding from the kickstarter crowd, to people who post a couple of lines of game concept? When the rest of us, that is, the people who *invested* in you have already paid out for their copies? And they will be receiving their copies before the non-developer kickstarter investors?

    Would you mind explaining that one please?

  • Patrick Collins


    My buddies and I are working on a game together called RIP(Rage Inducing Parkour). We almost have the game done and want to release it on the OUYA. We also had a game idea about the U.S.A in an anarchic setting. (My birthday is on the 13th. Just thought I’d throw that in there)


  • Edgardo Del Valle

    I’m not a software developer but would like to have one and make some changes on hardware . By the way talk to Bungie and make some alike halo game to kick some never trust MS crab.

  • SoylentGraham

    I’m a former game developer (ps2/3, gamecube/wii, xbox/360, gba, iphone, gameduino ;) etc) and a free dev kit would be nice to stretch those gameplay brain cells again!
    I’ve been trying to decide what format to work on this idea for a while…

    My USP is that the game never ends; using a procedurally generated timeline… The problem being I don’t think the idea would ever make money, I just want to find the time to make it!

  • James

    I am a Georgia Tech student and I have purchased an Ouya from the kickstarter. You mentioned you are saving some for students, and my Computational Media friends and I would love to start as soon as possible!

    Thanks for reading, and go kick some ass in the console space!

  • David Foust

    A horror-drama/adventure game with RPG elements. Very story and character focused, based on real-world locations in a perpendicular universe.

  • 海底尋寶


  • http://bit.ly/SGFnWO Hussain

    #myouyagame Zombie Survival Platformer game of:2Players/PhysicsPuzzles/StoryMode/Online.
    InGameShot: bit.ly/SGFnWO

  • DictionofGame

    I am seeing a lot of games here, but focused more on the casual gamer. I hoped to see more hardcore gamer games, so I am developing SINCLAIR, an open world, 1920s, robot survival, third person parkour shooter. Email me for ways to help at dictionofgame@gmail.com

  • Wessel

    Hello, i´m from germany, i need this for my TD defense game.

  • Drew

    My game is Kevin Vs the Monkeys. A scientist is recruited by the military to extinguish the worldwide monkey uprising. I don’t want to go into too much more detail about the story on here, but the game play would be similar to Battletoads or Double Dragon. The game is in very early stages of development, but here’s a glimpse at Kevin.


  • Braz

    I’m 16, and I have never had experience making or developing games.

    However, for 2 years I went to a school for science and engineering, and I now attend a school where I am learning animation, digital music composition, and other forms of digital media art.

    I’d love to get my hands on a Ouya dev kit because I can start my journey to become a game developer to make innovative and artistic games.

    Thanks for this chance to enter!

  • Enoch Dew

    What if I don’t have a Twitter?

  • david citrone

    working on a demo of a port sega genesis classic, chakan the foreverman. it was one of the darkest, moodiest games of it’s time and it deserves a retooling and rebuilding of the game from the ground up. I’ll be implementing all the original sprites. when it’s ready i’ll present it to the original artist/creator and rights bearer. I’d be eager for him to jump on board and supply up-to-date hand drawn art for the boosted technology the ouya could provide!

  • http://oreganik.com Ted Brown

    Being developed in Unity right now: an FPS rogue-like with dungeons inspired by Zelda, rendered 100% with polygons (no textures) and dynamic lighting. The hopeful underlying assumption: that Unity will one day have Ouya as a build platform!

  • http://www.game-modo.com/ Jason Long

    Really looking forward to not only what the console itself will bring that we all already enjoy, but what could develop from large companies as well as small groups or single individuals on this system.

    I write for a small but upcoming website that tries to focus on the user experience rather then numbers and ratings. We also look a lot towards the smaller, lesser known titles that come out that players might miss.

    I’m hoping to have an Ouya when they come out to cover the system and provide consumer feedback on the system and games.

    We are a non-profit website, and none of us receive income for doing what we do, it’s all for the love of gaming and to hopefully do something different then the larger gaming sites on the internet.

    If in any way a system could be provided for our website to use it would be appreciated, and I hope to play all of the games these aspiring people here are going to be making.

  • http://www.getcontinuum.com/ Jamuraan

    This is one of the first online games, I would like to port this game to the OUYA console, copies of this games are made like Infantry, Cosmic Rift. I have played this game over 10 years and the game is still played of course not as much as it used to be. Therefore I hope I can or will be port this game to the OUYA console. The gaming community is still active that is why this game is still alive today. You can start playing this game now by downloading it from http://www.getcontinuum.com
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SubSpace_(video_game) #myouyagame

  • Jackevee

    i am a student and i would love to make a game for the ouya. I know a little programming, but my dad knows more, and I have friends who have made online games. Thanks in advance

  • http://garciapl.blogspot.com GarciaPL

    I would like to develop game where there is a hallway like this one in Matrix film with many doors. Player after opening one of them will be able to see a lot of interesting, mysterious, funny and scary things, mainly random generated from Web ;)

  • http://jamiigamedevelopers.wordpress.com/ Jamii Games

    A collaborative gaming project that will bring game development to everyone. From artists, graphic designers to writers and musician, everyone can submit ideas. We will be controlling the development through an online website where people can vote and develop other people’s ideas. Read more at http://jamiigamedevelopers.wordpress.com/!

    Oh, yeah, and it’s got an evil astronaut travelling through a patchwork universe made of people’s minds… and each level is a different style of game.

  • http://jamiigamedevelopers.wordpress.com/ Jamii Games

    Hey everyone!
    As young developers ourselves, we’ve always wanted somewhere where we can learn and create for console, and we’ve come up with an idea to make it easier than ever. Ouya and Jamii Games will work perfectly together and this could be a huge launch title.

    Our idea is an innovative, collaborative gaming project that will bring game development to everyone. From artists, graphic designers to writers and musician, anyone can submit ideas. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional, there will be opportunities for you to have input in the game and also learn skills from others with helpful tutorials.

    We will be controlling the development through an online website where people can vote and develop other people’s ideas. There will be competitions for parts of the game and everything will be planned to the last detail in order for it to work.

    Read more at http://jamiigamedevelopers.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/jamii-game-project/!

    Oh yeah, and it’s got an evil astronaut travelling through a patchwork universe made of people’s minds… meaning each level is a different style of game.

    Follow – @Jamii Games
    Retweet – https://twitter.com/Jamii_Games/status/277555583375253504 so we have a chance of getting the dev kit!

  • Janos Babinszki

    This is a great chance for every aspiring game maker. I would like to introduce you to my game concept: Blox. The main game is in a square, which has another square on each side. Your goal is to keep safe the center until the time runs out. There will be a lot of hardships like natural disasters and your elements will have various forms like wood, steel, rock, concrete, granite etc. which will react to the disasters. You can turn the squares in the sideways to change the line-up. The game will have some form of physics to simulate gravity and fracture. While it sounds probably confusing it is easy to learn, and it has a chance to be a fast playable great logic game like lumines, tetris…
    Here is a primitive drawing of my idea:

  • Faritz

    after years of playing console games, i finally had this brilliant idea of a game thats simple yet very addictive. All i need now to have this realized and make it happen is an Ouya dev console.

  • http://www.konzole-slovenija.com BS

    Concept is:First person shooter with single player story (like Halo, Killzone, COD, BF3…) with weekly 1h long game play story, deliverd every Monday!? After finished singel part you countinue to multiplayer where you can use things that you get in SP (weapons, armor, skins….maps…)!
    Every weekend/month you play new story and multiplayer…

  • poesse

    me, my brother and some friends want to remake a nonlinear antiwargame we made a few months ago in java.

    all we need to start is the ouya dev kit

  • kimo matmati

    That first hellos, as you know, the very popular fps its our day so I’re Pence jor one of my Battelfield for further ouya pence which I pourais I pourais sertenment dévlopé on your console if you made ​​me parvenire one of your dev machine ouya!

  • Jhonson Ozuna

    [ Espanol ]

    Desarrolle este juego de puzzle llamado StartBolita , pronto llegara una mejora mas del juego. El juego esta escritor en UDK, pero me gustaría hacer una versión para el Ouya pero no tengo que comprarlo.

    Traile: http://youtu.be/jfYqwKBhMg0

    Cosas que te puedan pasar: http://youtu.be/u7eGLVYyFIc

    [ ingles ]

    Build this puzzle game called StartBolita, soon came an improvement over the game. The game is in UDK writer, but I would make a version for the Ouya but I have to buy it.

    Traile: http://youtu.be/jfYqwKBhMg0

    Things that can happen: http://youtu.be/u7eGLVYyFIc

  • http://members.shaw.ca/perceptiondesigns/junkshoot/junkshoot.html James

    I’m developing a game for Ouya and I would LOVE a dev kit! I won’t be signing up for twitter, but I’ll post here:

    Junk Shoot is a side-scrolling defense game where your ship can be customized with ‘found objects’ that can be used to change your stats or appearance.

    Gameplay will see players place their ships on a grid and try to defend against waves on enemies.

    Check out the website to see my progress: (http://members.shaw.ca/perceptiondesigns/junkshoot/junkshoot.html)
    or visit me at:

  • http://www.indiedb.com/games/los Adrian Lurendium


    “Lullaby of Silence” is a survival horror, which the world is linked between two styles: Victorian, Steampunk and Gothic. It is also a little bit futuristic and the whole world is in a drawing style. The whole world is in a drawing style, to make the game look unrealistic and more unique.
    The whole game is about the world being polluted. This makes each person to be at least infected or even deformed. Depending on the emotions of the person, the power of the mutation will happen, e.g. if someone is very angry, the mutation may take over and change that specific person into a beast. In this game, people are saying that in every person there is a demon, when actually it is a virus.
    Most of the population has lost control and turned into the beast, only 30% of the population survived and created something like hospital (care home), where they are doing a research on the virus.

    The care home will be surrounded by thick large walls, which will protect the 30% population from the 70% population, which didn’t control their emotions. Underneath the care home there will be underground city build, which will also have several different levels. If the level is lower, then there is lower class living, e.g. in the first level the richest people will live and in the lowest, poor people. The rich people will do some experiments on the poor people trying to understand the virus more.

    In every sector there will be schools and hospitals, but depending on the sector, the level of the hospitality/education will be. Also all of the sectors will have militaries, but same as other facilities, the level of the army will depend on the sector that they are in.
    There will be a chance for other people from other sectors to get into higher sector. This will only happen through a fight for life or death in a big arena. This will also give a chance for the richest people to earn some money by placing bets on contestants that they think will win.

    Links about game:




    About me: uk.linkedin.com/pub/adrian-lurendium/59/988/7b5

  • http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=93222958 William A. McDonald

    Are you ready for an early 90’s multiplayer arcade experience? Then get ready for a Golden Axe parody with a serious pair of unicorns balls! Journey through ancient mountains, fight precocious Kobolds, raid an orkish fraternity, and deal with all kinds of crazy characters and bizarre situations in this comedic brawler: “Dungeons The Eye of Draconus.”

    Tweeted about it already, but couldn’t fit a video link.

  • http://dylan Dylan Leyton

    I would like to make a game for Ouya called the “apple man” would be a platformer game rule would:
    at the beginning of the game the man appears block with three lives
    Once you eat 100 apples increases later life
    are 50 stages

  • Normand Bradley Barnette

    I am more interested in making sum downloadable manga for the Ouya store rather then a game! My concept involves a doctor who is perfect sort of but still mortal. Who invented this machine that deletes flaws people hate about themselves and want too change. It suppose too be a relateable story.

  • http://www.ancientaxes.com Dan Jorquera

    This contest is awesome. :-) Here’s my project: Ancient Axes: Heroes on Paper!

    Control two heroes at once for mind-bending single player or play with friends for action-packed, classic Gauntlet-style multiplayer.

    THE TWITTER: https://twitter.com/planet_io/status/274969172633591809
    THE PROJECT: http://www.ancientaxes.com

    We’ve been selected as Technically Baltimore’s Kickstarter of the week and have a playable demo on Kongregate: http://demo.ancientaxes.com

    Thanks! Good luck to everyone!

  • Normand Bradley Barnette

    I may want too make games in the future for Ouya. For now I still don’t have the best manga drawing material and software is expensive. Since it seems like too ppl here want too make apps. Well then. Ill be expecting an app for manga developers on the Ouya. This game console should have a large enough store that supports more then just games. I won’t put up the whole volume at first, because I will need my freetime! I plan too make the 1st chapter of every volume free for download doing 1 chapter whenever I feel Im in the manga drawing mood which is the time I draw better! I think it would also be good for Ouya too let fans rate, review my manga and send me requests so I know if my fans want more!

  • Malte

    Hy i do not often use twitter. So how do publish my tweet at the right place? Seem like it didn´t work last time.

  • http://thedieismighty.blogspot.com Brandon Perkins

    I seem to be having issues with the #myouyagame as my twitter post containing the link to my game notes doesn’t seem to be showing up among the other posts.

  • https://twitter.com/Messyboi_5ive Messsyboi

    Can everyone go to my twitter and Re-tweet #myouyagame

  • https://twitter.com/Messyboi_5ive Messsyboi
  • Chris Fendick

    We really want to make a game that will bring the family together…

    Something with a bit of……… Sparkle! (Wink Wink)

  • Nikita Kiselev

    We have the development team with the Russian Mantis Games would like to provide our games on Ouya. We have many successful projects of indie games that we would like to start on Ouya.

    Here is a partial list of games:
    #Cat’s Hell
    Cat John saves his girlfriend from the villain Rocky. John will have to go through a lot of different levels and prepyadstvy where the path will meet bosses.
    #Kua world
    This game plunges you into the world of Kua, a world of wonder and magic. The game is available in multiplayer.

  • Remco

    Allow me to clearify my idea:

    We are a team of enthousiastic developers. We’ve developed cevereal games on ceveral platforms. Starting with simple textbased games to games played on android and iPhone games. Our team currently excists out of 2 experienced embedded software engineers and one architect. We also got one student in Game art design awaiting to join our team. To give our games that extra dimension.

    The thing that bothered us at current games on the OUYA is that most games currently in development are just for 1 player, as in our eyes was the weakness of mobile phone gaming. We would like to bring a few multiplayer games to the OUYA. Starting off with a few simple projects (K.I.S.S. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle) like 4 player pong, 4 player tetris, 4 player snake and many more classics all in one.

    You’re proberbly wondering why we’re focussing on just OUYA and not create these fantastic oldtimers for both OUYA and android phones. We’ll this brings us to another issue on the current android platforms. Android platforms before OUYA where very device specific, so to reach it full potential you still needed a lot of extra device specific coding. With the OUYA that will be different! Our coding will be focussed on the OUYA console only so we can reach it”s full potential!

  • TinWhisker

    I propose a lobby-come-game layout, which I’ll refer to as ‘doors’.

    The overall play is each user can build a ‘game’ of sorts (think crystal maze), which other users can access and upon ‘winning’, will unlock a door in that room to jump to another users room.

    That door is semi-random, weighted on past users (pioneers) review/scaling.

    The better you build the room, thus higher score of the room – the more room building tools/toys you gain.

    For those competing in the room (solo or co-op) will gain options on building or hints on completing the room. The faster the win, the better points.

    Co-op users winning a room will exit to the same winning room, though solo winners will exit differently.
    You can choose to complete the room solo, with the existing (non-competing) occupants or known co-operatives [friends].

    Ideally the rooms exist in distributed manner, when played the room is cached on the users own system. (Favouriting the room will keep a copy, otherwise it gets dropped off the ‘stack’ after X rooms).
    A dedicated server can deal with linking users together, then from there-on, the user will make connections point-to-point, putting minimal use on server.

    This could be executed as a top-down/scroller/3d layout – I personally like the idea of any room being any type (complete a top-down, the door exits to a 3d type).

    Users are not limited to only the next room, hence the name doors – they can choose an exit route.

    That’s a fairly in-depth brief I guess!

    • TinWhisker

      Which will never happen if I don’t tweet it… :-P

  • Stuart White

    I’m a student developer approaching my second semester. Already developing impressive 2d games and would love an OUYA to practice on throughout the Games Technology Degree i’m on.
    Developing for something as broadly reaching as Android can only be a good thing, and with OUYA added to the mix it’s likely to get a lot better.

  • Darrell

    I’m not actually a game developer, but I am a Bachelor’s Degree student at a school with a Game Simulation and Programming department. I’m friends with many of the GSP students, and i know they would love the chance to develop games fora retail console like Ouya.

    I doubt many of them have the funds to buy a Dev Kit (god knows I don’t, and i’m on the same student loans they are), but if they had the chance to get their hands on one, I’m sure they’d go nuts and build on heck of a game.

  • miguel

    mmm League of Legends?? for ouya??

  • Matthias

    I will make a game like tekken because i think it´s one of the importance game for consoles and i will make something like dropbox to connect your smartphone with Ouya an take picture and videos to your TV via Ouya

  • http://3rdfromthesun.wordpress.com/ Nicholas

    I have a physics – enabled old style platform / hack n’ slash in the works (imagine Moonstone – Prince of Persia crossbreed). I believe it would feel right at home in a console…

  • Avery

    If i win one, i want to put minecraft on my ouya, because minecraft is the best game, so i would do some codes, and put minecraft on my ouya, and cre8 minecraft-ouya edition

  • Martin Soetanto

    create a role playing game like Shin Megami Tensei or persona. Or you could build a game that plays online like xcom: Enemy Unknown. Actually i always had this idea to make a game where you switch between a 2d side scroller fighter like castlevania and a 3d action rpg like Ninja Gaiden. I also think this would be cool because then you could use the trackpad for combos with the sword and fight with your own movements. Like swipe down the trackpad to do a single attack, swipe wiggly to do a combo. You could even make it so that the attacks are tailored to the person playing it, so you have a highly customizable game, after that make it an online game where you can fight with your friends against everyone, running around with the joysticks and then using the trackpad for certain attacks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bokafold Joey

    Hi, we are 3rd year International Game Architecture and Design students specializing in Indie Game Development at the NHTV in Breda, The Netherlands. We have a broad range of skills and are planning to start an indie game studio after graduation. We would love to develop for the Ouya.
    Please check out one of our concepts: Greedy Rabbits, which we originally developed in under 48 hours during a Game Jam during our 2nd year.


    Also check our current project, Legends of Bokafold:

  • DatMarv

    Well, i’m interested in indie games since i was born and i really like to create games and programs :3
    Right now i’m creating a 16bit stylish indie, which is like cavestory.
    I really like the idea of the Ouya so.. i really really wish that i would have one. c:

  • http://tomasdoyle.blogspot.com/ Tomas_D

    I am planning to start developing an old school FPS style game similar in mechanics to (Doom, Quake, Unreal, Duke Nukem). I feel modern FPSs have grounded themselves too much in reality. I personally miss the craziness of these older shooters. The fast pasted movement, guns a size impossible for a normal human to even hold, and the insane yet simple stories.
    I figured I mint as well throw my idea out there. It would be nice to get an early devkit to know how far I can push the visuals.

    Other Info:
    I’ll be using Unity to develop the game
    My Strengths: 3d Art, 2d Art, Animation, Level Design
    My predicted rough patches during development: Audio creation, Advanced enemy AI

  • kyle

    Can i have one to learn, then develop then boom done.

  • Meganck Kevyn

    Do I need to tweet with #myouyagame to try to get a devkit if I’m student and precise it in the tweet, or do I have to comment here ?

    It seems to be 2 differents things: 1 giveaway for indie devs, and another for students ?

    Actually it could be really nice to get one of those. I’m making a classical vertical scrolling bullet hell shooter, and I think it would be great on the Ouya ( And I also think there is a lack of danmakus on consoles in general.. So it’ll be nice to put some good shmups on it )

  • luigi formica

    I would like to see in ouya an action mmorpg, like vindictus…a new brand of mmorpg android based

  • Daniel

    I want to realize the game Scotland Yard on real GMAPS
    realtime teamplay-game on the Ouya


  • seba

    I have unity 3d android license , started making experimental game, platformer (trine+limbo+ some unique features). i would like to get the console because i would like to test it on a good console ;)

  • Marcus

    I’m a gamer who wants to dev. games, and is looking forward to this platforms release. I’m not sure many gamers understand the significance of this platforms release to them.

    Ouya isn’t just for gaming. It’s for creating a world of your own imagination, I can’t wait to give Ouya a chance to give me the chance to take my imagination and idea’s in their own worlds. Times are hard so i’ll not be able to pre order this device, but when I am so able, I will open my mind and see the impossible, possible.

  • http://about.me/chinto chinto

    As I teacher I’d love to be able to involve my students in actual Ouya development.

  • Ahoura Houshangi


    I’m currently studying Media Engineering (last year of studies) and as a final year project I want to create a game, I also happen to be a gamer. What I had in mind, was to create a game for the OUYA. I see a promising future for Android platforms, thus wanting to further develop my knowledge in the area for my career in the future and help you guys in anyway possible at the same time.

    I currently have a licence to develop games for Android & iOS on Unity, and I figured that this would be a great chance to make something out of it.

  • Hunter Palshook

    I would love to make a port of my dungeon crawler to it. It features randomly spawning dungeons, random loot, minibosses, leveling, and teamwork/cooperation plays a large role.

  • https://twitter.com/elysian_shadows ElysianShadows

    https://twitter.com/elysian_shadows – We are a 16-bit influenced, modernized 2D RPG with a successful Youtube vblog “Adventures in Game Development.” OUYA port?! :D #myouyagame

    We’re already planning/working on ports for iOS, Windows, Linux, and Dreamcast… so why not round out the ports with Android/OUYA?

  • Nilay Mehta

    Hey OUYA team,
    Great Job on the console; me and my friends can’t wait for OUYA to release.
    A massive landscape where rules can be made by the players and it will be a constantly evolving landscape. As time progresses, so will the players understanding of the game play and, much like the earth, it will experience changes like weather, ice age, etc.

    Nilay Mehta,
    Future developer

  • http://blahobros.blogspot.com/ BlahoBros


    Death Squad

    Me and my brother develop this game. If we win a OUYA development kit, we make this game, and you can shoot enemies just like old times in Cannon Fodder or Commando. ;)

    Download pre alpha version: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8zbxOUx9I-iZVlYbzM0ZlI0YkE/edit?pli=1


  • http://bluelephant.es/ Agustin

    Waiting for the $ 99, the kitdevelopment version accelerates the conversion to Ouya …

    Saludos desde España

  • Marc

    I will make a shooter like german “Moorhuhn”, but Optimized for Controll with a Gamepad, let me get a part of ouya.

  • Yemey

    How can I get my dev console?

  • Sajan Shetty

    Is this contest still on?

  • ice

    they should put league of legends on ouya

  • Sharaz Chaudhry


  • Zubair Fazal

    I am entering xD

  • david warner

    It is truly a great and helpful piece of information.Thanks for sharing.
    High School Diploma