Our campaign ended a month ago, and we’ve been heads-down cranking on OUYA.

I’m writing to give you the full update. In fact, I will continue to send updates every few weeks until we launch. First up: you guessed it…


We’re happy to say that our inbox is packed full of emails from talented developers looking to bring their games to life on OUYA. This is great news since pre-orders continue to roll into OUYA.tv. Great games, big audience, a perfect marriage.

Some of you have full-fledged games completed, others are in the process, and some of you are just starting to dream. We’re going through each and every one of your emails, playing your games, watching your videos, and reading your stories. We’re working on our developer support plans and will share more details in the coming months.

Remember, developers, we’re on track to deliver our SDK to you this December. That gives you about 90 days to get your work ready to test out on OUYA before launch. Get crackin!

If you haven’t shared your game with us yet, remember to reach out to devs@ouya.tv.


Muffi and I just got back from Taiwan and Hong Kong. We met with manufacturers and suppliers — all eager to bring OUYA to the world. We’ve decided on our design-manufacturing team, and we couldn’t be happier. We’re now finalizing our circuit-board layout, overall design, and what’s referred to as the “CMF” – colors, materials and finish.

Here are just some of the small, but important, questions we’re answering:

“Where will the circuit board rest within the console itself?”
“What’s the thermal impact within our little box?” (How do we keep it from getting too hot.)
“Where do we position the WiFi antenna for best performance?”
“Just how will the box open from the top, and what’s the first reaction we want our backers to have when they open it?”
Finally, we are beginning to test each controller button, grip, and stick with not only our manufacturing partners but some of our developer friends (thank you Adam and Zach!). Again, YOUR input into this process has been highly appreciated:

You inspired the O-U-Y-A button scheme
You helped us nail down a precision D-Pad
You cemented the importance of four triggers

With input from Yves and fuseproject, and our skilled team of developers, we’re making game discovery—as well as the overall OUYA experience—something simple, new and beautiful. We should have more to show you soon…sorry for the tease but we want it to be great.


As you can probably guess, we’ve been beefing up our software development team. They’re working hard to build our Developer SDK, APIs, and on-console UI. By the way, if you rock Ruby on Rails or know Android like the back of your hand, don’t just sit there! Email us at jobs@ouya.tv and help us build OUYA.


We’re set to meet our Kickstarter demand and then some — which is phenomenal, because orders keep pouring in through our OUYA.tv pre-order page.


1. We’re manufacturing our first factory-made prototype to test our design assumptions.

2. Kickstarters, expect a survey toward the end of this month. Among other things, we can’t wait to see what usernames you choose. You’ll have up to 16 characters to play with. Names are first-come-first served by backer number. Remember, there are over 63,000 backers who will reserve a username, so “Turbopianocat” will likely be easier to snag than, say, “Bob.”


As always, we want to know what you’re thinking. We continue to monitor the comment thread on Kickstarter, interact with you on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, and of course, we’re reading each and every one of your emails.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any of the emails below.


Julie & the entire OUYA team

Developer Questions – devs@ouya.tv
General Information – info@ouya.tv
Partnerships/Support– support@ouya.tv

The OUYA Team

  • http://info@ouya.tv Dennis Jimenez

    I am what you guys call a dreamer. I don’t know jack about programming at this point, but I really have good ideas on what games to make. If I were to develop a game, what would be the format? Is it user friendly or would I have to be a really good programmer to create a game?

    Thank you for your time and I can’t wait for OUYA!

    Dennis Jimenez

  • Gonki

    “Ni hao” is not the language of Hong Kong. They will not like your title at all! Seems you might think they have the same language like the mainland People… just a small thing, but not nice ;)
    (I know, it is OK for Taiwan)

  • Sugerente

    OUYA podría satisfacer todavía más a los jugadores si estuviese presente juegos como Call Of Duty, Colin May Cry Dirt, a los que se podría dar rienda suelta a la imaginación de cada jugador, creando escenarios así como creando sus propios personajes.
    Creo que seria buena idea contar con Activision o Infiniti World.

  • José F.

    The controller design for the OUYA is probably the best I’ve ever seen. Not only follows the rule of RSI-avoiding hand asymmetry – always a tricky subject – with different positions to the analog sticks, but also include an charming innovation – the exclusive touchpad. Brand-new UIs will be created only for it.
    However, I’m starving for more information about, for example, the triggers. Are those analog? And with kind of connection does the controller uses? Bluetooth, 2.1GHz?
    Well done!!

  • Tony

    You know, you gotta make sure this doesn’t end up like Apple and Foxconn.

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