18 days to launch and boy do we have some great games from super talented developers coming your way. To say we are pumped…well that would be an understatement.

And, it just got a. whole. lot. better.

Today, our good friends at Tripwire Interactive have confirmed that Killing Floor: Calamity (*working title), a new spinoff game from their popular Killing Floor franchise, is coming to OUYA this summer!

In their own words, Killing Floor: Calamity is “…a new take on the Killing Floor franchise, designed for couch gaming on the television…in a top-down, action-shooter format.”

Why are we so excited…isn’t it obvious? Killing Floor is a cult classic, cooperative, monster-survival FPS that pits you and a team against wave after wave of science experiments gone horribly wrong. Killing Floor has sold nearly 2 million copies on the PC, and soon gamers will take on hordes of mutant specimens, together, on the TV for the first time, ever!

Tripwire Interactive is not unlike us — a scrappy company bootstrapped out of a “Make Something Unreal” modding competition they won eight years ago. The Georgian development team took their prize winnings and spawned several successful franchises played by more than 3.5 million gamers today! (Now that’s a story we can get behind.)

The Tripwire Interactive Team is excited too:

“At Tripwire Interactive, we’ve always loved multiplayer and co-op gaming and felt now is the right time to bring our work to the television and living room where social gaming was first born,” said Alan Wilson, Vice President, Tripwire Interactive.

“We feel OUYA is leading the charge in disrupting the way in which games are both created and consumed today and, as our history suggests with our successes with both Red Orchestra and Killing Floor, we’re not shy about embracing early, new digital distribution models. In fact, when we bumped into the OUYA crew over a beer in Atlanta last winter, we happened to be working on a Killing Floor spinoff game with Robin Flodin (of Dwarfs!? fame, now Studio Manager at Gaming Corps in Sweden).

“It only took a few minutes and a couple of beers to realize that this could be a match made in heaven. The upcoming OUYA box fresh from the huge Kickstarter success … top-down shooter version of Killing Floor … couch gaming … and here we are a few months later, the tech is pretty much done, the game is running smoothly with 4 players on the television (and tons of zeds) and on a console that was no more than an idea only 12 months ago. It’s pretty incredible. All that’s left is refining the gameplay, adding that Tripwire polish and making sure we can really crank the fun level up to 11 for a release later this summer.”

My hands are already itching to get playing. THANKS to our friends at Tripwire Interactive for supporting the OUYA mission — you are the reason we do what we do!

We’ll be sure to keep you all posted as more info becomes available!

Until next time,


D.B.F. (Developer’s Best Friend)

More game details from Tripwire:

  • The game doesn’t yet have a name but is currently referred to by its codename “Calamity” (have any ideas for a game name for this one? hit us up @playouya and @TripwireInt with your ideas!)

  • This is an entirely new take on Killing Floor designed specifically for the television and gaming with friends … play with up to 4 players on one screen (the advantage is now you can really laugh in your mates’ faces when they get chewed up by a Fleshpound!)

  • All your favorite Zeds from the PC version are back – and just as dangerous!

  • 21 of your favorite characters from the PC version return (plus some new surprises)

  • Will feature a full set of Perks – each with a new special ability

  • And of course, an all-new set of maps


Dev. BFF

  • http://www.OuyaOpenWorld.com James P

    Sounds like an entertaining game, and certainly one worthy of adding to my collection. One of my most looked forward to titles announced so far. Well done.

  • elim

    I love killing floor and I think the top down shooter style will work very well.

  • Jazz

    Awww yisssssss! TIME TO GET DOSH!

  • http://www.virtualinn.it Paolo

    I played more than 300 hours with Killing Floor on the PC.
    That’s a fantastic news.

  • Alfred

    We need Killing Floor 2 please. for Windows and Linux.

  • KrazyKain

    I’ve wanted killing floor on console for ages (split screen KF = WIN) so ever so slightly disappointed it’s not in first person, but then that disappointment is quickly diminished by “HOLY CRAP IT’S KILLING FLOOR OR CONSOLE”

  • http://ashtech.tk AsHperson

    Hmmm, in the email, the game shows up as an exclusive but I was looking for it here and I don’t see it in the posts. Great news anyways, this will be a total win/win for OUYA to get more consoles out there and Tripwire to get their tv console game out there to the people!

  • Waz

    Bloody AWesome, Was soooo not interested in Ouya until the past few weeks with all this 4 player Couch gaming coming out! Miss them days and now Ouya might be my answer ! (funny enough intime for my 30th Bday on 23rd June!).

    So hope this game alloas PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers, no way I can afford additonal 3 controllers, let alone the wife letting me!

    Happy Wife, Happy Life………….

  • Utopia-Phoenix

    I hope that they do not bungle the balance of the weapons, as they did just for KF1.

  • Desmond

    If it has a full set of perks how will sharpshooter work in a top down game?

  • Wacky Wendy

    I always liked Killing Floor for the PC, so when I saw this, a third person top view shooter, I wasn’t very happy, one very dissapointed fan.

  • Franta Kokot

    I am looking forward to play it.. oh, wait… I hate consoles! So, now it’s a time to pray for Killing Floor 2.

    • Noitatsidem

      As an avid PC gaming elitist, I must say that I love the Ouya, and can’t wait for this game to come out.

  • {Fp}Victoria

    I rather see Killing Floor 2 then this. With better graphics + new perks…Never gonna play anything else. Is there some way I could donate development? Cause I would totally. Killing floor is one of my favourite FPS games.

    • Marduk

      KF2 just got confirmed my friend :)

  • http://www.ouya.tv/tripwire-confirms-new-killing-floor-game-coming-to-ouya/ Timothy

    I Dont Care About The Graphics Or What PlatForm This game is on. All that matters is how much Effort The Creators Put into the game, To The Point where the game is Really Addicting And Enjoyable. The Console players Are missing out on a good game and i think its a great idea to put this on the console. Now the console players Will see how much fun We PC players had.

  • Jakob

    I would like it more if it was First Person. Much more fun in my opinion, especially on console and TV. Maybe–hopefully– they save it for Killing Floor 2.


    To be honest, Killing Floor: calamity seems like a pretty good title for a varient of KF. this looks awesome and it gives me another reason for getting a ouya!

    Now to start saving…

  • richard

    I remember really liking ‘alien swarm'(by valve), a top down shooter, until something went weird and it wouldn’t run
    decently on my laptop.

    Therefore, this appeals to me big time, especially since its killing floor!

  • Brandon

    I wonder if this means they don’t intend to update KF for the computer as often?

  • R.I.P

    R.I.P KF

  • http://www.illage3.wordpress.com John Chorley

    :( A top down shooter ….. I was excited for this but now …
    Can’t they have made this into an FPS?

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  • mrmaka

    id say dont mess with something good , going top side will kill the game , u just turned it into an arcade game , it should be FPS all the way iv got 300+ hr on KF. an i’m still playing the game, top side games never realy last that long on a mmo game based, should come out with FK2 , new map ,perks ext… new mobs , an it should be on all to play

  • Johann de Waal

    We havn’t heard anything about this game in a while. Can we please have an update?

  • Paulo Henrique

    some supposed version for android?