We’re well into 2014 and I wanted to fill you in on what we’ve been working on and tell you some things you can expect from the platform and OUYA this year.

We built OUYA because we wanted to excite creators — game developers — and we’re off to a great start. From 1,000 developers buying a dev unit during our Kickstarter, to 8,000 at the time of our unveiling just nine months later, to 10,000 at launch in June, and now at over 33,000 who have downloaded our ODK, we are bringing games into the living room, from all kinds of developers.

OUYA is a place for DEVS to get noticed.

Towerfall by Matt Thorson was our first hit, and we are so proud to see him grow, move to other platforms, and continue to build his audience and delight gamers. Matt’s not alone. We expect many more of our developers — who’ve published one or more of over 675 games today — to do great things.

And, for those of you who are wondering, 675 games in less than a year is more than any other console has ever done. We have 10 times more games than when we started, and new game submissions keep coming in, every week.

We also went back to our roots this year. We launched a game development matching fund for projects funded on Kickstarter that choose to come to OUYA first. Took us a bit to get this right, but as of today, we are funding ten games. One is already live on OUYA, as an alpha — Matt Gilgenbach’s Neverending Nightmares. Our Free The Games Fund continues until the end of this year or until we fund $1M worth of games (I hope the latter :).

Lastly, we released a new version of the console with more storage and better WiFi. Today, we are *really* proud of what we’ve delivered.

How did we do that? Ten software updates in eleven months helps.

Parental controls. Three currencies. Five languages. USB external support. Remote download of games. Faster updates. Game trailers. Evolving UI. You get the gist… we’ve been busy, and it never stops. Some things you can look forward to this year include a program for developers to launch game betas, developer profiles on the console, better personalization, recommendations, and (of course) more awesome games. A lot of this list is based on suggestions from *you* — thank you, and keep it up.

Plus, one important thing you should know. We want to deliver OUYA to gamers wherever they play — whether or not they bought a box from us. We’re the open guys, right? So why lock OUYA in a box? Even a beautiful one? OUYA is about games and game developers, not about the way you get it. So we’re embarking on a new project to embed the OUYA platform into other devices on the market.

We call this effort “OUYA Everywhere” and we are already in discussions with a handful of partners. Of course, we’ll always have an OUYA console you can buy, but you might start to see OUYA in other places. More to come.

Now, I’ve got to get back to work,




The Head Honcho

  • Andrew Vrba

    Translation: This whole micro-console thing didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped. We’re gonna take the Sega route, and try to salvage this thing.

    • Joshua Racz

      Except for one thing, they aren’t giving up the hardware. They are expanding to other manufacturers as well. Examples of others who have done this in the past:

      3DO – Panasonic, Goldstar, Sanyo
      Sega Saturn – Hitachi, JVC, Samsung
      Google Nexus – a whole slew of people

      The microconsole thing is still being done. It is also clearly obvious with the updates we have seen that they haven’t given up as well.

      • Andrew Vrba

        Two of those three examples were spectacular failures. Both the 3DO and Saturn were completely trampled on by the competition, and I don’t mean by a slim margin. It was more like repeating rifles vs pointed sticks.

        • Joshua Racz

          Unrelated to their failure, and the Saturn actually did quite well in Japan compared to North America.

          • Andrew Vrba

            The PC Engine did better in Japan too. Still a failure.

          • Guest

            Not well enough to last.

      • 209670938609387

        Until plans for Ouya 2 are announced, you’re speculating just as much as we are, pal.

        • Jadon Levesque

          Except that is was announced that they were working on the OUYA 2 a few months ago…
          They aren’t dropping hardware, but rather they are expanding the OUYA store to other devices to gain more profits in the software department.

          More users == More game sales

      • Guest

        And the two game consoles in that list were utter flops.

    • https://instasafari.com/user/kevinlove kevin love instagram

      We call this effort “OUYA Everywhere” and we are already in discussions with a handful of partners. Of course, we’ll always have an OUYA console you can buy, but you might start to see OUYA in other places. More to come.

  • Grant Moore

    I’m an OUYA fan and love the little pretty box, but as a developer & entrepreneur working day and night to get a game development studio off the ground, I’m excited to hear about “OUYA Everwhere”. I was concerned with the install base and potential for growth, but I think a movement towards a more accessible distribution model is a win-win for both gamers and developers alike. Great job! This definitely makes me one happy camper :)

    • http://undeadbobop.blogspot.com/ undeadbobop

      Stay the hell away from developing for the system you have to make $150 a month for ouya before ever making a single cent for yourself..

  • erlend_sh

    Really excited to see OUYA transitioning into a business model akin to that of Valve’s Steam/SteamBox ecosystem. This increases the OUYA appeal tenfold as far as I’m concerned. I hope to see a closer relationship between OUYA and Desura in the near future. Best of luck guys!

    • 209670938609387

      Not quite sure this is what they’re doing: SteamOS is installable by end users into a custom hardware installation. Ouya doesn’t sound like they are interested in doing this.

      Temper your expectations, folks. This may be trying to copy SteamOS (despite being obscure, has lots of buzz), or this may be trying to copy webOS (as of now on it’s third owner, still obscure, and much less enthusiasm).

      • erlend_sh

        Yeah, starting to feel like it’s not at all what I expected :( Sounds like SteamOS will the more open platform after all. Such a shame; OUYA could have easily become the de-facto store for big-screen & controller friendly games on Android.

  • Marcin Lulek

    Thats a very good move – I’m a bit worried about some problems with device fragmentation but overall it might be the best move to make. There are a lot of new powerful android ARM devices like tronsmart vega and new tegra 4 consoles that would be great fit for ouya store. I’d really like to hear some news about ouya 2 which would have more powerful hardware.

  • jrronimo

    Pretty cool news all around. :)

    Looking forward to the day when the improved controllers are available in the store! I have launch controllers and they have issues, as you guys know, but they function. Would love to try out the new ones!

  • Bob Gilbert

    I really hope you will still be developing the consoles and not abandoning them. I bought mine today because I want to see the Ouya as a console grow. Don’t let me down, guys!

  • gandhimaster

    I can’t help but feel sad because of Ouya anywhere. As an original kickstarter backer, i just feel like i need not have invested. We funded a console design and build, but the games are going elsewhere now. :(

    • Stefano Carlo Coronado Mondoñe

      Ouya everywhere looks like another form of a fragmented Android ecosystem.

      • 209670938609387

        Fragmentation matters if people are using it in the first place. We’re clearly a community of enthusiasts, and not anything near a crowd at this point.

        If this speculation is unfounded, something tells me Julie would have posted a “retraction” article by now. Everything is up in the air, period, and this kind of article means people are going to start dropping off, even the “true believers”.

      • http://polymorphicninja.blogspot.com/ Polymorphic Ninja

        I’ve been concerned about that as well.

        However, the blog entry above implies they’re being selective about partnership. I suspect partners need to have hardware that runs on Tegra chipsets (or at least have 100% compatibility with the Tegra specific APIs). So even if they don’t necessarily have direct control of the hardware in a partner’s rig, they likely control the hardware requirements for getting a license to OUYA Everywhere.

        Mojo is a natural partner because it’s hardware profile is basically a more powerful version of the current OUYA. Games must run on official OUYA hardware to make it into the store, so there’s no danger of fragmentation the other way (games made for stronger hardware and sold in the store that undermine’s OUYA’s own hardware effort)

        If OUYA continues to identify their iterations of hardware as a sort of “profile/hardware configuration” with an official unit to define the version, that will go a long way to control hardware fragmentation. Apple sort of adopts this model already in their app store. So if Apple were to license out their mobile OS and tightly control the kind of hardware the OS can run on to their licensees, it would be very similar to what OUYA seems to be doing with OUYA Everywhere.

      • Taylor Becker

        Except other “microconsoles” are coming whether you want them to or not. It would be better for them to have a unified store(OUYA), then to have each with its own. That’s the opposite of further fragmentation.

    • http://polymorphicninja.blogspot.com/ Polymorphic Ninja

      GIven that they were originally asking for a lot less than what their KS actually yielded, it’s safe to say a lot of us could have not invested and the project would have went forward.

      But you can look at it another way. Your investment has helped grow the company to one where it’s able to extend its reach, open new revenue streams, and hopefully ensure your investment nearly 2 years ago is still viable for the long term.

    • Taylor Becker

      Why? You would still have had to buy hardware in one form or another, and this way you didn’t wait an extra year for it.

  • Ramiro Barité

    I must say, i was pretty dissapointed with the OUYA when i bought it 6 months ago, but I can tell you have been working hard since then, with the lasts system updates my console runs a LOT better than before and that’s great, because i know you take the feedback in consideration and make your best effort to outdone your previous work, today I spent the whole sunday playing games on it, bought 3 new games, and had a lot of fun playing towerfall with a bunch of friends.
    I just wanted to thank you and let you know I have now high hopes for the future of the console.

  • Nathanael Revoredo

    It’s kinda disappointing to hear they are gonna do the games everywhere thing. Makes me feel like I bought the box for no reason.

    • Black_Rose

      Keep in mind, by buying the box you supported their idea, and now they want to broaden their horizons. In doing this, there is a high probability for increase in profit.thus giving them a bigger budget for later “devices”. It’s all part of the original plan when you look at it carefully. Keep believing!

  • Rick Tapia

    Love my Ouya. Please do not abandon Ouya 2 console project.

    • http://bloo.weeman.org/ Bavarin Fleetfoot

      What IS the status on Ouya 2.0? Is it confirmed they’re giving up on hardware, or is that just more rumour from the haters and naysayers? Anyone know? Anyone even care? I’m starting to wonder seriously if I didn’t make a huge mistake believing in Ouya at all. I’m currently holding off on even bothering to TRY to learn how to develop games for the thing because I’m just not sure if it’s going away altogether. Also, turns out that if a game is named the same as a game which exists in the Ouya market, then that game is downgraded to a demo version until you buy it FROM OUYA, even if you ALREADY bought the game elsewhere and it works fine on ALL your other Android based devices. And guess what? Apparently that’s NOT a bug. It’s by design, from what I gather from my support ticket. Yes, that’s right. Ouya’s DRM uses the NAME of the game as it’s identifier as to whether you’ve bought the game or not. Apparently installing a legally purchased DRM-free APK file (from Humble Bundle, Google Play, or anywhere else) is NOT allowed on this “open” console.

    • https://instasafari.com/user/kevinlove kevin love instagram

      I’m an OUYA fan and love the little pretty box, but as a developer & entrepreneur working day and night to get a game development studio off the ground, I’m excited to hear about “OUYA Everwhere”. I was concerned with the install base and potential for growth, but I think a movement towards a more accessible distribution model is a win-win for both gamers and developers alike. Great job! This definitely makes me one happy camper :)

  • Andreas Sunde

    675 games isn’t worth bragging about if most of them are avsolute arse.

    • Black_Rose

      That is your own opinion, it’s bragging rights for the believers. We have been there every step of the way. No one can change your mind, but keep in mind, your “avsolute arse” comments are reminiscent of one of those XBOX rage kids on YouTube. Have a Nice Day!

    • Nathaniel Bennett

      True, most of them are arse. However there just stepping stones to even better games.

  • Taylor Ringo

    I want see Achevements, Multiplayer, and Leaderboards! Keep it up!

  • John

    Please fund more games that aren’t arcade or 8-bit. I would love to see Nintendo 64 style games like Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing and Zelda Ocarina of Time. These games are engaging and had a great sense of humour.

    • Nathaniel Bennett

      It’s not the OUYA team you should be preaching – More of the developers then anything.

      • John

        You’re right its the devs, but I would like to see OUYA do more like xbox who buy game companies and make the games they want as exclusives. I don’t know that much about the industry though so maybe what I’m asking isn’t possible.

    • skitzo

      Uh…there’s emulators for that.

      • John

        Yeah, but I have an actual N64 for that. I mean new games with new experiences, but capturing the same feeling of adventure, humour and great couch multiplayer N64 games had.

        • skitzo

          I believe that they’re a long way from that. Like Nathaniel said, it isn’t the Ouya team, it’s the developers of the games.

  • Stephane C

    To ensure the success of future development and such I’m going to invest in two more controllers, 16 gig expansion box and also 4 new color plates for my 4 controllers for friends to color choose their remotes. Did you guys ever try Neon Shadow. Awesome FPS game. Keep up the good games and support Ouya and prove those people wrong thinking that the Ouya is dead in the water deal. Will consider buying a 64 gig ouya if they ever release one. Also what is the deal with limiting the amount of games we can have on one console. Just my thoughts here.

  • Has Kam

    I just got my Ouya from Amazon last Friday – I spent a lot of time with the device installing games, XBMC with add-ons, and I side loaded Netflix from Amazon app store, etc… Great device, unique idea, and I’ve had no issues with it. I also don’t understand all the whining about the controller – it works great(love the mouse pad on the top). I own a lot of gadgets/devices including Raspberry Pi – the Ouya is by far the best open device I’ve used. To those who say the game selection isn’t good, I totally disagree – you just need to look through the big games library Ouya offers….the great games exist. I already own a PS3, Roku’s, you name it,…but Ouya has it’s own niche which I’m very pleased about. Kudos to the Ouya crew! (I would love to work for/with you guys!)

  • STZ .

    Is there a more firm date for the MOJO getting the OUYA store?

    -16Gb OUYA
    -Madcatz MOJO

  • Brooks Rady

    I am in agreement with Rick Tapia. Please do not abandon the hardware side of the OUYA. The OUYA Everywhere sounds great, but I would be devastated to see my little box die. I hope that you still continue hardware development as well as the OUYA Everywhere project. The OUYA 2, from leaks, has looked promising. Please continue to update the console, and controller.

  • Harry adams

    Keep Making Consoles!

  • Nathaniel Bennett

    I’m trying to think whether Apple would ever allow iOS games to run on Android? Nope! Can’t see it. This is a terrible idea. Besides there is little modification to convert an OUYA game to Android (it’s usually the other way around), and so is pretty pointless. We’re just selling out OUYA to the competition. Mad Catz is ridiculing the OUYA brand by not following brand guidelines.

  • http://bloo.weeman.org/ Bavarin Fleetfoot

    I’m thoroughly enjoying my Ouya console 110% thus far, and it only keeps getting better. And thanks to it bein’ such an open and hackable device, I can add various thiry party goodies to easily improve it even more. I feel I got my money’s worth out of the thing already, and I haven’t even downloaded the dev kit yet.

  • Porawee Raksasin

    You should released OUYA 2 console device as you promise of timeline of android generation,
    I bought OUYA because of it’s a “REAL CONSOLE DEVICE FOR INDIE GAME DEVELOPER” not your store as concept “OUYA Everywhere” it’s not difference than SteamOS or Amazon Fire TV and let Mojo kill OUYA, If so i’m not interesting OUYA anymore and find other way.

    Thanks for your first great impression.

    • Cipriano Carrasco

      I agree with you. It seems Ouya wants to be a unique thing in a world already filled with uniques that do the same things. Ouya everywhere? why? The only games worth playing are already on other platforms. I bought the Ouya because I really liked the idea of a “retro” feel to the games, and I don’t mean retro only as NES and such, I mean PS1, N64 and the likes, those older games that, though not graphically stunning, offered a longer, single player experience. What I’ve found with the Ouya are games that you can beat in a few hours (the ones worth playing) and a bunch of other games that I think you would have to pay ME to play.

      On the plus side, I’m glad it can be used as an emulator, but I can do the same with a computer.

      Add fuel to the fire: I can’t even sell this thing anymore either. A waste all around

      • Porawee Raksasin

        Yeah, me too. I want to play a real console game such as PS1 quality or more NOT a porting from android phone,
        I buy an OUYA console device but i must sit and play many porting mobile game in house or less than quality of console game.
        For what Julie?, do you understand “console game”?

        It’s not only device, os or game but all of them should be unique thing, I agree as Cipriano Carrasco said.

  • Cipriano Carrasco

    I bought this console about 5 months ago and have had fun with a few of the games. I am glad that Ouya has been working on patches, updates, and such. However, though patches were really needed, why keep working on “trinkets” when only a few of the games are actually worth the purchase? Why not invest on developers and come out with better games? 645 games in a year is quite impressive, but when 640 of those games are “time waster apps” you can get in an old cellphone then I think you haven’t really done anything.

    I am still enjoying my console but it is getting harder and harder to defend it against the nay sayers.

    Overall, if I had known this ahead of time, I don’t think I would have bought one and, at this point, I don’t think I would recommend it. I know that good games can be made to fit the Ouya hardware but, when all you have is “Fluffy Cakes” (a knock of of flappy bird) then I might as well play on my iPhone…

    Also, I was excited about a possible, more powerful Ouya 2, but what is that power if 640 out of the 645 games can run on a 1970’s calculator?

  • Robert Daniels

    I hope the Ouya 2 comes out with the Tegra K1 Denver dual core. and a system with an option to plug in your controller or use double AA batteries.

    • Mehmed

      Then it has to come out 4Q2014 and not at a later time. If they are going to release it in the first half of 2015 it has to be Tegra Erista with Quad core Denver B, 64 Bit, 20nm with LPDDR4 with 4 gigs of ram at 25,6 Mbit (dual channel) and Maxwell based GPU. The SSD should have about 32 gigs in the premium and 16 gigs with the normal version. The GPU should consist of 256 cuda cores ala 2 SMM modules. Now this would be a really great console. It would power about 500 GFLOPS. Tegra 3 has about 15 GFLOPS

  • john

    Anybody still care? I own an ouya but it Iooks like its grinding to a halt! ?

  • Brant Anderson

    I bought my OUYA as a retail pre-order. I have to say you’ve come a long way. Discover load times are great! (At launch it was a bit on the slow side). I love my OUYA and the Open Market. Sure, you have to weed through the massive game selection to find those gems, but isn’t that what it’s about? It’s an even playing field and that’s what I love! Not sure exactly what this “Ouya Everywhere” means. I’ve looked into the MOJO and don’t like their game-distribution model. Google Play Store compatible? How do I find the games that are made to work with my controller? I think OUYA did it right with having their own market-place. I know that any game from the OUYA Storefront is going to just work. I was thinking back to the day I bought my Super NES. It was $149. I was thinking, for the OUYA 2, that a $149 price-point would be perfect. A bit more could be invested into system-specs, as well as a possible increase in profit-margin, which is always good. Anyway, keep on keeping on! Love you guys!

  • Samarth AGARWAL

    Can we have a list of the hardware partners?

  • http://undeadbobop.blogspot.com/ undeadbobop

    So when are you going to stop forcing developers to make you $150 a month before paying the developers and not paying them if their games don’t make that much? When are you going to stop abusing developers? Oh your not, maybe I should warn the users the money that they spend on games is going tors you and not the developers in which they are thinking they are paying for making the games they “buy” from “them”. Screwing over developers for your own greed Julie… piss off you could careless for indie developers stop acting like you do when all you do is abuse them.

    Any $0.99 games will never reach the threshold monthly…

    • Cipriano Carrasco

      When? right now… She’s going to stop scamming people because no one is coming to her anymore, no one is buying this trash anymore., and they don’t seem to be active anymore. Look at my previous post, I call Julie a cunt on her own website and 4 hours later the comment is still there.



      • frank

        Poor kid.. you angry ?

  • Cipriano Carrasco

    A few months later and the OUYA sucks even harder. I had this thing in a closet for a few months, took it out to see if there was any improvement and it actually for worse!!!! More junk games, that’s exactly what we needed. At least this thing was cheap, 130 bucks (100 for the console plus an additional 30 I had to pay for a power supply because these retards couldn’t figure out the proper one). I could have easily used that 130 on something else though.

    Julie, you owe me 130 bucks you cunt.

  • Tim Piatek

    OK – if Ouya Everywhere is available for the Nexus Player, I’ll use both – Ouya complements the hardware of the Player nicely, which is as-of-yet lacking software. This should be a no-brainer for Ouya to support…

  • Tim Piatek

    And… where the heck is Ouya everywhere? Specifically, why is it not on Android TV? Surely there’s a way to revenue-share with Google to get it on the Play store and compatible. Controller-ready games are really, badly needed.

  • Mehmed

    Ouya is dead, we have Mojo, Razor TV, Amazon Fire TV, Huawei Tron, Nvidia Shield, Nexus Player and a lot more.
    Each one of them has better hardware then the Ouya. The Problem with the Ouya was that the hardware wasnt like it could have been right from the start, the software wasnt good and the performance of the hardware with an tegra 3 also was a problem.
    I wish they would have waited with this good idea for at least the tegra 4, better than that, tegra k1.
    Ouya could have become a great thing, now its problematic.

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