What a week. While continuing to work on making OUYA, and of course now managing our Kickstarter, we’ve received thousands of excited comments, pointed questions, and lots of encouragement. Thank you to our 35,418 backers. Conversations with you have been great—bringing out the best product we can bring.

A few things to share:

On the product side…

We spent yesterday with nVidia talking about our chips. The team is great and their support has been incredible. They’re working side by side with us, and they’ll help us maximize the performance of the Tegra 3 chipset we’re using.

We’ve been hearing your questions on everything from how you’ll discover games on OUYA (we’re focused on both discovery and curation), to whether we’ll have different symbols on the buttons for the color-blind (yes, we’ll need to address that), and whether or not we’ll have an Ethernet port (stay tuned on that), and much more. Feedback on our work in progress is one of the great things about Kickstarter. Keep sending your ideas and voicing your opinions—they matter to us.

Games! Today Meteor, the maker of Hawken (a great-looking upcoming free-to-play mech game), just pledged that they’re also in on OUYA. We’re really honored to have great gamemakers supporting OUYA. Thank you so much to the developers who reached out, we’re trying our best to be in touch with you — we know we still owe a lot of you responses.

@markvlong — ‪#ouya‬ A crowd sourced, open, indie, free to play console?! Count Meteor in!

And you game developers..

We know, we ran out of the developer rewards (it happened faster than expected!). We’ve assessed our ability to deliver and have refreshed both tiers of developer awards.

And we had a crazy idea—if folks are interested—we might consider a reward that would allow devs to start working from the raw circuit board at an even earlier date, allowing them to get a head start on development. And maybe we’d add one more level that gives you just the software—no early console. Tell us what you think

(Obviously, if you have the Android SDK, you know most of what you need to know — we’ll just need to add in a few elements specific to OUYA—things like assets for promoting on the console and our payments API.)

So, there you have it, an update! Some games jumping on board, the scoop on the progress we’ve made with the product, and more rewards for developers. This is an early-stage project here, and we know we’ve got a lot to do. We are so grateful to have your support and we will do everything we can to thrill you with the results.

Back to work…





The Head Honcho