Hey there.  My name is Tim and I’ll be your cruise director for this week’s main event — OUYAPark @ E3 2013!

If you haven’t heard by now, “E3” (aka: the Electronic Entertainment Expo) gets underway tomorrow, June 11, in Los Angeles and we’ve been cooking up some interesting plans that we thought you might want to check out.

So let’s get to it … here are 7 things you need to know to be in the know…ya know?


  1. Team OUYA will NOT be located inside the LA Convention Center with “other” gaming companies; instead we’ll be hanging outside @ 601 W. Pico Blvd (corner of Figueroa and Pico) — it’s Summertime and we don’t fear the sunshine.  Here’s a look at the layout…

  1. Many of us will be on-location (along with over 30+ OUYA game developers) for all three days of the show  → Tue (10 to 7) | Wed (9 to 7) | Thu (9 to 7) … and … we’ll be hosting a Happy Hour from 4 to 7pm PT every day of the show, so come on by for a cold one!

  1. Most importantly, OUYAPark is open to everyone!  Our mission is to open up E3 (and games in general) for the public to enjoy since traditionally the show has been closed to members of the industry only — at OUYAPark everyone is welcome — No credentials required (but shoes and shirts would be nice).

  1. E3 should be about showcasing great games and the creators behind them.  So — we’ve turned control of OUYAPark over to our game development community and partners and they’ve responded loudly and clearly.  OUYAPark will host more than 30 developers who will be on location demoing their games live for the general public.  Here’s a quick glimpse of the games that will be available at OUYAPark for anyone to play (check this out for the complete list of 130+ games on OUYA today):

Towerfall                                  BombSquad
You Don’t Know Jack               Saturday Morning RPG
Soul Fjord                                 Fist of Awesome
ChronoBlade                            Hidden in Plain Sight
Bard’s Tale                               Pinball Arcade
Super Crate Box                       Canabalt
Rush Bros.                                Polarity
Final Fantasy III                         Beast Boxing Turbo
The Ball                                    League of Evil
Puddle                                      Flashout 3D
  1. Free schwag you’ll actually use — we never really understood why game companies spend a ton of cash on crap we’d never wear or use – so instead – we created a limited edition beer koozie.  Because who the hell doesn’t need a beer koozie?

Humans require food + water to survive — so I guess there are some things more important than playing games, after all.  We’ve got you covered on both fronts —  for food, we’ve invited a few of our food truck friends who will be there serving tasty treats throughout the three-day event (translation: you won’t go hungry).

  1. As for ‘water’, swing by between 4-7pm (Tue-Thu) to join us for Happy Hour — not only will you get a free koozie, but we’ll actually give you something to put in it!  Stay thirsty my friends.

  1. Finally, no parking lot party is complete without a killer soundtrack.  Thankfully, OUYA has great streaming partners like TuneIn who can help us out!  Team TuneIn will be on-site along with their radio partner KROQ manning the DJ booth to keep the party rockin’ from open ‘til close — thanks TuneIn!

So that’s the scoop on this cloudy but comfortable Monday morning in L.A. — be sure to check in throughout the week @playouya and if you happen to be in Southern California, come on by and introduce yourself to the team.

As always, our team will be actively updating everyone throughout the week (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), but be sure to SHARE with us what’s got YOU excited at this year’s show — #playOUYA, #OUYAPark.  We’ll be picking out a few of our favorite posts throughout the week and winners will receive some badass schwag bags which include OUYA t-shirts and koozies — yep, they’re as money as they sound.

As always, thanks again for supporting OUYA and we can’t wait to shake things up this week — hope you can join us!


OUYAPark’s Cruise Director


  • Dot

    Put some photos, Please!! :)

  • Waz

    Photos! Any surprise Game releases?

    Fester Mudd looks awesome! I’m confused why Mice and Keyboard feature was not added… I thought Ouya was open source etc?

    Can not wait till 25th to get mine in UK!!!!!!!!

  • Paulinho

    Roll on the 25th :D good luck

  • Scott

    I’m suprised Ouya used the term “Bullshit”, kudos for not giving a damn

  • Emmett

    With all of their shipping problems, OUYA should be hard at work rather than drinking for three days in a park. This is really unprofessional. I for one, will be not be getting an OUYA.

    • Brian

      Emmett? they might have had shipping problems but they resolved that early on and all systems for all backers were shipped out about 3 weeks ago.. and not getting an OUYA? o well, your loss.

    • http://www.pixel-monkey.co.uk David

      to “Emmett” the Guys and Gals at OUYA deserve this rest and also deserve to be able to show everyone at the E3 convention what they are about. As for shipping problems they are being sorted just if you wont be buying an OUYA then there is no need for you to post here.

      OUYA guys well done so far